August 31, 2013

“Back to School” with beautiful hair from Rusk®!

I just had an opportunity to try some wonderful hair care products from Rusk.

First let me say that everyone will benefit from the Rusk products I look forward to sharing with you !

I’m not going back to school, but the Rusk products that I used conditioned and left my hair so healthy looking, manageable, and full of body and shine that I started thinking about all the new clothes, shoes, school supplies, and gear that’s purchased for, and by students when they start a new school year! What about your hair?

This feature allows me the perfect chance to remind students who are heading back to school, or may have already started their new school year that their summer hair needs a reset for the fall season and the following Rusk products will certainly “do the trick!”!

Class is now in session!
Let’s start with:

 Rusk Being Sexy Shampoo

Rusk Being Sexy Shampoo

With a very subtle scent, Being Sexy Shampoo cleans your hair with a smooth feeling and silky texture. I lightly worked it into my hair and scalp thoroughly. It rinses with ease leaving a soft yet refreshing clean sensation.

Your hair is now clean, and ready for:

Rusk Being Sexy Conditioner

Rusk Being Sexy Conditioner

Again, there is a very subdued aroma and velvety feel when you apply the Rusk Being Sexy Conditioner to your freshly cleaned wet hair. I massaged the conditioner throughout my hair and especially on the ends of my hair where it sometimes is a bit dry. Make sure you rinse thoroughly. I found that the Being Sexy Conditioner only takes a moment to rinse, and leaves your hair feeling so nice.

Quoting Rusk,“All formulas contain a unique blend of ingredients to deliver voluptuous volume, tousled texture and seductive shine for “uninhibited” hair!”

If you do not have color treated hair you may go ahead and style your hair, as always. I know you’ll like the way it feels, looks, and how workable it is!

Do you have color treated hair? I just had some blonde highlights with a toner applied in my naturally dark brown hair. The way color sometimes fades, I was eager to try this:

Rusk  Deep Shine Color Care Lock-In Treatment

Deep Shine Color Care
Lock-In Treatment

You may either spray Deep Shine Color Care on damp or dry hair. “ChromeAvail™ “is the patented technology that offers a UV protection for maintaining the color in your hair longer. It can be used every day. My blonde highlights have kept that pretty “toned” color, and the shine looks so healthy. The sun is out year round, and this gives you one less thing to worry about with color treated hair.

Last but not least, here is a product we “ALL” need to have in our arsenal of hair care “must haves”:

Rusk Deep Shine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo

Deep Shine Color Care
Invisible Dry Shampoo

If you haven’t used a dry shampoo, once you do, you’ll never be without one! Running late in the morning? Have a last minute event with no time to spare? Just want to get out the door and start your day without taking time for your whole “Get Ready” routine? Late for a class?

Rusk’s invisible dry shampoo is an exceptional “Dry Shampoo”!! Within moments you’ll be “good to go” with a fresh looking, oil & odor free head of hair!

All you need to do is shake the container. Start by lightly spraying the roots of your hair, and then mist all over your hair. Just wait a moment, work through you hair, style and be on your way!

Here’s a fun assignment!
and learn about all of the fine Rusk Hair Care products!

Then go to:
to find a Rusk location near you!

Class Dismissed
Rusk gets an A+ for their amazing selection of hair care products!

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a PR-Fact sheet, and Any personal commentary was from my personal experience using the Rusk products provided to me.)

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