June 30, 2013

Experience summer in Provence with the captivating Provencal Eaux de Colonge Collection from L’Occitane!

You can always look to L’Occitane for just the right aroma for any moment! I must say that the presentation of this summer’s Provencal Eaux de Cologne Collection, along with it’s subtle refreshing aroma that brings summer in Provence to you with merely a light mist of fragrance…is truly magnifique!

The tall etched “generous” 10.1 ounce spray bottle,inspired by “the architecture of the Provencal Fountains” is absolutely stunning!!!

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L’Occitane’s –
Eau Ravissante

I received a bottle of Eau Ravissante and love to start the day by surrounding myself with the whisper of “ Mediterranean bergamot , and Damascena essential oils” that produce lovely “soft floral” with “fruity citrus tones” that are very subtle, yet lingering! (Price:$52.00)

L'Occitane's Eau Captivante

L’Occitane’s –
Eau Captivante Cologne

Eau Captivante provides a “woody” and “sparkling green” scent with aromatic Provencal herbs, lime, and the “essential oils”, Mediterranean mint and basil.” Eau Captivante is an aroma that both women and men will equally enjoy!

Vicki's Blog

L’Occitane’s –
Eau Universelle

L’Occitane’s Eau Universelle is another aroma that can be worn by women and men! It’s a wonderful clean and refreshing scent of citrus fruits. “Mediterranean bergamot and grapefruit essential oils create a very long lasting and invigorating freshness of “sunny citruses,” that are perfect for the warm summer weather!(Price:$52.00)

Here’s a great bonus!! If you’d really like to keep cool and fresh, or just need a “pick-up”, you may refrigerate any of your L’Occitane Provencal Eaux de Colognes! Let me tell you …. That’s refreshing!!

Visit the L’Occitane website:

Remember: Keep cool and refreshed this summer with L’Occitane Provencal Eaux de Colognes, and experience summer in Provence no matter where you live!!

(Quoted or Paraphrased information and images in this article were obtained from provided PR-Fact sheets,and the L’Occitane website. My commentary is from personal use and experience with the provided L’Occitane product.)

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