June 27, 2013

Love Your Lashes with Mink


Eyelashes are BACK!!!!!  Since their first appearance in 1916, false eyelashes have come a long way.  While at Premiere Orlando, I got to try out the newest trend in false eyelashes.  Lash Love’s 100% Siberian Mink Fur Eyelashes come in an assortment of styles to match everyone’s personality. Co-Founders, April and Kristyl Nelson, create their lashes with love and care. Lash Love’s mink fur eyelashes are only made with fur collected during the mink’s shedding season. 

Until I met Lash Love I had only worn false eyelashes one other time.  I was a little nervous about how they would look on me.  When Kristyl slipped me into a pair, I had no idea I was even wearing them.  They were very light weight, soft and natural looking.  I felt like a movie star (also it could have been the crystals on them as well 🙂 lol).  

With Lash Love eyelashes you can skip a big part of your daily makeup routine.  When in a hurry (like most women today) you can put on a pair of your Mink Lashes and not even have to worry about eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow.  They really open your eyes and give the illusion that you had spent hours getting ready. 

So next time you are in search of false eyelashes, I strongly suggest Lash Love.  You too can pick up a pair of Mink fur lashes at www.shoplashlove.com Beauty is in the eyes.

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