June 26, 2013

Nurisha™ Naturals has developed high quality safe skincare products that are beneficial for all ethnicities and skin types!

This was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to try Nurisha™ Naturals. As their website states, “Nurisha’s goal is to make beauty uncomplicated for modern women.” I truly appreciate that, and Nurisha™ has accomplished that intent with their line of products for skin and body!

Nurisha™ offers:
“The highest quality and naturally derived ingredients in their product line with… products that do NOT contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colorants, and fragrances!”

Your benefit ~ “ A lovely complexion that is healthy, glowing, and products that are suitable for all ethnicities and types of skin!” Nurisha™ Naturals is a very convenient and easy to use line of skin and body care products .

I received three Nurisha™ products to try:
• The “New” Purifying Facial Cleanser Treatment
• The “New” Peptide Concentrate Eye Gel
• The “New” Moisturizing Facial Treatment

Before I share my experience with the trio of products from Nurisha™ Naturals that I used… I must say that after using Nurisha™ a couple of days, I realized that these three products delivered the “feel” that I’m used to on my skin, to attain a sufficiently cleansed and hydrated face, neck, and firmer look to my eye area! That’s impressive for me, being person who has a tendency to use a number of products to care for my skin! Oh… there are additional products I’ll purchase on Nurisha™ Naturals website, but these three products really did the trick!

First, I cleaned my face with the Purifying Facial Cleanser !

Nurisha™ Naturals Purifying Cleanser

Nurisha™ Naturals
Purifying Cleanser

Talk about versatility, with the aloe vera which is one of my favorite healing ingredients, and chamomile , known for it’s calming value, Purifying Cleanser was so comfortable and cooling on my skin.

In addition, this Purifying Cleanser has a blend of botanicals that really stimulate your skin as it thoroughly cleans, and yes …removes your makeup, too!

I don’t have dry skin, but it does get dehydrated, and this cleanser really felt good, and did not leave my face feeling tight or dry… just clean!! (Price:$32.00)

Next, I used the Peptide Concentrate Eye Gel.

Nurisha™ Naturals Peptide Concentrate Eye Gel

Nurisha™ Naturals
Peptide Concentrate Eye Gel

The information from Nurisha™ said it’s benefit was to “smooth, soothe, and tighten”! Those are three priorities I have for an eye care product! Once again I felt very confident about using this Eye Gel . It also contains aloe vera , which helps with skin inflammation, and keeps the delicate area around your eye area hydrated. One thing I learned from Nurisha’s product information that I didn’t know about aloe vera was that “it contains antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria.” With all of the cosmetics, and mascara that we use around our eye area, that benefit is a great preventative measure !

Another great ingredient in the Eye Gel is Hyaluronic Acid. It’s another “fave” ingredient of mine, and over the years I’ve used and liked it for it’s ability to keep moisture within the skin! Nurisha™ also makes note of Hyaluronic Acid’s “anti-aging qualities that also restores elasticity and firmness” to the skin!

Two other important ingredients in the Peptide Concentrate Eye Gel are “periwinkle and Licorice.” Together they “help reduce puffiness, those annoying dark circles, and diminish wrinkling around the eye area” which is crucial if you want to maintain a youthful appearance! (Price:$45.00)

I finished my routine with the “Jojoba and Vitamin E Moisturing Treatment”

Nurisha™ Natural Jojoba & Vitamin E Moisturizing Treatment

Nurisha™ Natural
Jojoba & Vitamin E
Moisturizing Treatment

The Moisturizing Facial Treatment is another example of Nurisha’s useful advantages for all skin types! The primary natural ingredients consist of jojoba which is non-comedogenic. Simply put, it will moisturize your skin without clogging your pores! Partnered with Vitamin E, that will not only keep your skin “ protected against the elelments, but also contains “anti-oxident properties” that will assist the skin to “retain it’s natural moisture content.”

Once again, Nurisha’s resourceful Moisturizing Facial Treatment will help control oily skin, “quench” dry skin, and with “naturally derived” ingredients it’s mild enough for sensitive skin! Quoting Nurisha,“Moisturizing Facial Treatment is great for all skin types, as it helps to restore balance to all major skin concerns.” (Price: $37.00)

Visit Nurisha™ Naturals website to learn more, and to see their other products for face and body! You may also purchase your products here, as well:

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(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article provided by Nurisha™ Naturals PR-Fact sheets, and from www.NurishaNaturals.com. Any personal commentary was my own opinion about the product that I personally used.)

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