May 30, 2013

Join the “Right End” Hair Revolution


Heidi Klum recently kicked off the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY “Right End” Hair Revolution – a haircare movement that invites women to work at the right end of hair – the scalp.

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ invites you join the “Right End” Hair Revolution by heading to to join the “Right End” Hair Revolution and receive a free product sample, while supplies last, and enter for a chance to win one of 1,000 exclusive and custom-designed “Right End” tote bags.

We want to follow YOU on Pinterest: We, at CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™, have joined the world of Pinterest and in our efforts to ensure our fans are the most stylish around, we would love to be able to pin your content to our boards. If you are aligned, we would simply ask that you provide us written permission in your response email stating that we, at CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™, are able to pin your content to our boards.


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