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March 23, 2013

Try SESHA’s Skin Therapy with PET™delivery system for younger looking skin!

This day in age, there is no excuse for not having admirable skin. Whether you are a younger person and have the advantage of starting early to maintain your skin as you age, or a more mature person who wishes to revitalize your skin, and “turn back the clock” a bit, to achieve a more youthful appearance….the opportunity is accessible!

I’ve gone through a number of decades dedicated to always caring for my skin with the newest ingredients that were available at the time! It has paid off, and I can’t stress it enough how important it is to allocate the time to invest in caring for your skin!! Beautiful fashions will be always be noticed, but the compliments will be ongoing, and first to be articulated, when you have a radiant youthful glowing skin!

Advances in skin care have become quite amazing. As a Beauty Editor, I am very fortunate to be able to try the latest technology systems and share them with you! Things have evolved and now it’s not only the ingredients in a product, but the “Delivery System” , as well.

SESHA Skin Therapy Clinical Collection with patented PET™ delivery system.

Most recently I received the SESHA Skin Therapy collection to try. From the information I received about SESHA, (Quote) “In today’s world of skin care, sophisticated ingredients call for sophisticated delivery systems. Simply stated, the delivery system is how the products you put on your skin, penetrate into your skin so the ingredients in the products can do what they need to do.

I’m not a doctor or a chemist, so I’d like you to visit this link
to hear Dr. Kung, a non-paid consultant for Conrex Pharmaceutical Corporation briefly explain the concept of SESHA’s delivery system, PET™ :

Dr.Dean Hsieh founded Conrex in 1985, and is the person who is responsible for developing the patented PET™ delivery system that, (Quote) “ enables the large molecules to “penetrate and nourish new growing skin layers”, and as a result, “significantly slow down the skin’s aging process.”

Next, I’d like you to see the results of a before and after example of skin improvements during a three month clinical test on an individual using SESHA skin therapy:

Here are the seven SESHA Skin Therapy products that were included in the collection that I tried:

• BOTANICAL MOISTURIZING CLEANSER: I applied the Botanical Cleanser and massaged it into my skin with water and then rinsed it off. My skin felt very clean, and not at all dry.

• NATURAL TONER: This is a nice toner! It’s cooling and leaves your skin feeling fresh,invigorated and ready for the treatment products!

• COMPLEX C- SERUM: Vitamin C is always good for your skin. I had no irritation with this serum, and C-Serum really perked up my dull winter skin.

• CLINICAL COMPLEX A RENEWAL: I definitely noticed a healthy color to my skin when using the A RENEWAL Cream. I used it after the C-Serum, and liked the combination of the two creams, and the glow that it gave to my skin.

• CLINICAL ADVANCED EYE RESTORE: I always use an eye cream, and found the Eye Restore had a firming effect around my eye area. I used it AM and PM faithfully!

• CLINICAL ADVANCED ANTI-OXIDENT CREAM: This cream had a very soothing texture and lifting feel. I used it in the evening. It was a great finish to my night time cleansing process.

• CLINICAL SUPER PROTECT-30 DAY EMULSION: I found this 30 SPF product very light weight, and was delighted to find out it can be used as a daily AM moisturizer to “strengthen the skin’e environmental resistance!”

(Quote) “SESHA can be found through physicians, spas and medi-spas nationwide.” You may also purchase products online, find a retailer near you, or learn more about the SESHA products by going to:

The SESHA PET™ delivery system (Quote) “belongs to a family of compounds originally found in nature, it also passed the stringent requirements of the FDA to be considered GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe). PET™ is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-allergenic, and PET™ is the only skincare delivery system with an FDA accreditation.”

(Quoted and paraphrased information in this article was obtained from PR-Fact Sheets, SESHA Brochure,,, Before & After,Video of Dr. Kung”, and personal commentary on my experience with the SESHA products.)

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March 22, 2013

Champney’s Spa Indulgence, it’s Addicting

 0-34I’m addicted to Champneys Spa Indulgence, and I’m not sure how to stop . . .They say that the growing addictions these days have to do with social media addiction, text messaging addictions, and Facebook addition. Frankly, I don’t have time for those addictions but I am finding myself needing to go to Champneys Anonymous, although I don’t think there is a meeting that isn’t, like, two minutes from a spa that uses the product. My newest bath extravanagance, Champney’s Spa Indulgence, Mediterranean Bliss Bubble Heaven…is my favorite bathing pleasure these days…Why? Well……maybe it’s the light, airy potion that you scoop out of the cool little blue tub that has swirls in it and is all sparkly looking. Or perhaps it is the luscious smell that comes from the luminious pearlized liquid when you open the top….but more likely it’s what happens when you pour it into your bathwater that has me hooked. The whole bathroom is filled with the scent of blue heaven, honestly. Just pour it in under the water and swirl it around and it will take you to another place. Take a moment, light some candles, put out your fluffiest towels and enjoy.

The addictive part for me is that I have to admit, I am using this product almost daily. Even if I take a shower – at the end of the shower I close the drain, throw it into bathtub mode, swirl in the Champneys, and sit for a moment before I start my very busy day! With three kids (only one left at home but she’s 11 and you can imagine the ballet, dance, voice, and girl scouts that she has going on!) and a thriving business with client calls all day long, I am a busy lady. This incredible product gives me a moment of luxury every day that I ‘steal’ for myself…and it’s so worthwhile.

Here are a few other reasons why I love this product — First of all, unlike other products where you need to use half the bottle to get any bubbles, I only need about a tablespoon at most of Champneys and my bath is filled with the softest, smallest, cutest little bubbles ever…not to mention the aroma which takes me to a memory of a Mediterranean beach, complete with the hint of olive, fig and luxury.  Second, what it does to your skin is amazing. Unlike other bath products or bubble baths that dry out your skin, Champneys is specially formulated to soften and treat your skin. So, this isn’t just a bubble bath, this is a treatment from the world-famous Champney’s prestigious spas….and you can feel it in every inch of your bath and beyond.

They will tell you on the packaging that they traveled the earth to bring these wonderful therapies to you. And that this one was modeled after the first spa they opened, high in the sun-kissed Spanish hills. In reality, though, this smooth elixir is filled with Mediterranean sunshine, with a soothing summery blend of fig milk, green tomato, and olive leaf that really does softly moisturize, leaving your skin radiant. And who couldn’t use a dose of bliss?


Guest Post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts

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March 22, 2013

Elegant and Exquisite it’s Krigler’s Extraordinaire Camelia

It’s Elegant, Exquisite, Excellent, Ethereal, Exciting and Exhilarating. I have found, yet again, another exquisite perfume created by Krigler, namely Extraordinaire Camelia 209. This alluring and intoxicating scent was created in 2009 to celebrate Krigler‘s 105th Anniversary. In order to truly appreciate this spectacular scent, you must try it on your wrist and then, you will  experience its true scent. As stated by Krigler, Extraordinaire Camelia 209 gathers two sorts of Camellias flowers, corsican lemon, pink peppercorn from florida, indian cardamom, Bourbon Vanilla, Musc de Baur, Cedar, Chinese Tea”. I find that this scent carries a fruity/ spice aroma, one which I love. The Camelia Flower symbolizes excellence, pride, abnegation and modesty. Extraordinaire Camelia 209 is the perfect scent to declare the perfect love and  recognize an ideal relationship.

Krigler has also created its “New” candle in the Extraordinaire Camelia 209 scent, and if you love the perfume you will become addicted to the candle. Nothing is more calming than bathing with a Krigler candle lit nearby, the aroma will surely relax you.

Remember to shop when planning for the most exquisite gift. One will truly remember a gift of Krigler given by you.

View two of my other favorite Krigler perfumes at





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March 21, 2013

Enter to Win your “HOT BUNS”


Check out a new, no fuss solution for chic buns called Hot Buns.  It takes just about a minute and no old sock or second pair of hands necessary!  It’s literally just roll, snap, and wrap.  It’s so easy!

Enter the Hot Buns give-away that just launched on the Hot Buns Facebook page!  Tell them where your favorite place to wear a bun is and you could win a $250 Amex and Hot Bun!

Visit Hot Buns Facebook Page and “Like” to enter

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March 20, 2013

Lovin’ Your Hair with Philip B

I am very excited to try the Phillip B Lovin’ Leave-in Conditioner. My hair being curly tends to get dry and feel brittle at times that anything “leave-in” has got my name written all over it. Our hair is the first thing people see and also reflects our allover health. So if it’s not healthy then it shows that we as humans are not taking care of ourselves. I know you are probably thinking that is crazy, but it is true.

Philip B Lovin’ Leave-in conditioner is formualted with all natural ingredients so you never have to worry about any harsh chemicals or ingredients being put into your hair. It also helps aid with frizz, and adding shine.
Just like you, I am eager to give Philip B a try. I have only used it once but that is not enough to see a change in the feel or look of my hair.
To Try Philip B for yourself check out

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March 20, 2013

Santalia Announces a 30 Day Clear Skin Challenge and Facebook Giveaway!!

I’m excited to share Santalia’s 30 Day Clear Skin Challenge and Facbook giveaway with you! I reviewed Santalia the beginning of the year, and what I liked about this natural, sandalwood based skincare line is that it’s terrific for oily skin no matter what your age ! It’s an effective product that balances your skin without drying it. This makes it ideal for all skin types even for those with sensitive skin!

Santalia ~ A natural, sandalwood based skincare line for oily skin!

Here’s the “Scoop”:
Santalia is hosting a 30-Day Clear Skin challenge to inspire clean, acne-free skin. Check out the following link below for more information on the Santalia website about how to join!:

The Santalia Skin Care System

Santalia will also be hosting a weeklong giveaway in conjunction with the challenge on Facebook : Simply “Like” the Santalia page and enter once per day for a chance to win!

One winner will be chosen every day this week!


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March 20, 2013

Bona Clara’s Remarkable Age Appropriate Skin Care


I have just discovered Bona Clara, a remarkable Skincare Line offering age appropriate skincare. Bona Clara was developed by MIT graduate and ingredient expert, Jasmina Aganovic, who started her first line, Stages of Beauty a few years ago. Bona Clara consists of 4 skincare lines created specifically to address the biological skin changes that take place during our 20’s right through our 50’s and older. Bona Clara is free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, phthalates, fragrances and synthetic dyes, which makes for a remarkable skincare line.

As stated by Bona Clara, “Each age-specific line consists of beauty routine basics: a cleanser, scrub, serum, toner and a treatment cream.  Additional cutting-edge products such as makeup removers, an SPF and night and neck creams allow women to tailor their anti-aging regimen to suit their individual needs, budget, and schedule”.

Before selecting the skin care product that if perfect for your age, visit I am enjoying 50’s level 1 which consists of 50’s Cleanser, 50′ Toner and 50’s Treatment Cream and these anti-aging products are designed to minimize fine lines, stimulate collagen and elastin and help balance changing hormones.

50’s Cleanser is perfect for gentle cleansing to eliminate dirt and make-up from your neck and face while keeping your skin hydrated. Natural plant extracts help reduce inflammation and monk’s pepper berry extract targets aging skin. I applied a small amount of cleanser on a wet wash cloth and this non-foaming cleanser left my face feeling clean and fresh.

For an even fresher feel, spray 50’s Toner onto a cotton ball and wipe your face and neck, it is a fabulous feeling and you can smell the refreshing light scent of gardenia, it’s simply delightful. 50’s Toner is formulated to balance your skin’s PH, has anti-aging benefits and provides a very soothing effect.

The 50’s Treatment Cream is an exceptional face cream, designed to “improve surface immunity, firmness, and elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and balancing the effects of changing hormones”. After applying the Treatment Cream my skin felt like velvet, I LOVED IT.

Jasmina started fresh with all new formulations, more product offerings and a new direct-selling business model empowering women to become Brand Reps (over 1,200 women have already signed on).  Keep in mind that the general public is still able to purchase products directly on Choose your age range today!



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March 19, 2013

Gluten Free Lipstick & Lipgloss

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March 19, 2013

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March 19, 2013

Organic Cooking Products with Rich Flavor

natures flavorsNatures flavors makes a variety of products including cooking natural flavors, organic coffee and tea.
The coffee is flavorful and organic which is nice. The natural flavors are rich and smell pleasantly pure.
You can use the organic flavors in your favorite foods to bake. Tasty flavors include vanilla, almond extract, coconut flavor extract, lemon flavor extract and winter spice flavor extract.
All of the flavors are organic ,pesticide free ,synthetic -free and chemical-free. Here is a great recipe to cake rec
For more information go to

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