March 25, 2013

My interview with the creator of INFINITY Hair Building Fibers – Denny Smolinski

When covering the American Beauty Show in Chicago earlier this month I had the opportunity to catch up with Denny Smolinski, the creator of a great solution for men and women dealing with thinning hair and hair loss… INFINITY Hair Building Fibers !

Denny Smolinski and me in the INFINITY booth at the American Beauty Show in Chicago! (March 2013)

I met Denny at a previous show in 2012 and was in total awe with his amazing product, INFINITY. The before and after pictures were unbelievable, and I immediately thought of that cowlick I had in the back of my wavy very dark hair that would separate when the wind blew and my white scalp would show through!! I wondered if INFINITY could fix my problem?

One of Denny’s friendly staff members sat me down, determined my hair color and what shade of INFINITY I should use. In a few shakes of the very easy to use INFINITY Hair Building Fibers, my problem was solved, and I’d never have to worry about that cowlick again! My hair also looked thicker, and I couldn’t have been happier!

Another plus is the super Fiber Locking Spray for use after you apply INFINITY! It will keep your hair looking great until you wash it.

My brother, a national cinematographer, is a real INFINITY fan, and I’ve also introduced INFINITY to my husband, and a number of friends. They all had various hair problems that were easily resolved by using INFINITY Hair Building Fibers!

(Quote)”Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers® are a safe, natural and affordable solution to thinning hair. Infinity hair fibers were developed for women and men experiencing thinning hair who want the illusion of a full head of hair!”

Now it’s time to share the “magic” of INFINITY with you! Why don’t we start with the interview I had with Denny Smolinski.

VICKI: Tell us a bit about yourself, and how you came up with the concept of INFINITY.
DENNY: I am a computer geek by trade but have the entrepreneur spirit and I am always looking for new and unique ideas. I came up with the concept of Infinity Hair Building Fibers by seeing various women and men struggle with thinning hair and hair loss. Very few people have the extra money to purchase hair transplants or other costly alternatives. Infinity is an inexpensive and easy to apply alternative.

VICKI: How long did it take you develop this amazing product?
DENNY: It took me 3+ years of developing the formula & packaging for Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers®. The unique packaging design is both eye catching and ergonomically designed with a soft touch grip to prevent slipping from your hand when applying.

VICKI: Who are your “Targeted clients” that will benefit from using INFINITY?
DENNY: The people that would be our “target clients” would be both women and men who have thinning hair. Many people are surprised when I tell them 70% of people who purchase and use the product are women. Most people think of men when you mention thinning hair.

VICKI: How do you go about choosing a color for your hair?
(1) Look in the mirror. Look at your hair root color in the thinning area. This is the color to order.
(2) Always look to match your root color even if you have highlighted ends.
(3) When in doubt, choose the darker shade. For example if you have trouble deciding between medium brown and light brown, choose medium brown

VICKI: How easy, for the average consumer, is INFINITY to apply and use?
DENNY: Infinity is very easy to apply. The details of the process are as follows:
–simply style your hair with favorite styling product, make sure your hair is dry
–shake the bottle of Infinity Hair Fibers over the desired area(s) and lightly pat the area of application to allow the fibers to simply fall into place
–Spray on the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray

Our motto is simply: Shake, Style & Go

VICKI: Once applied, how can user’s feel confident about INFINITY’S “staying power” during their daily activities?
DENNY: Infinity Hair Fibers were developed by using Nano Fiber Technology. When applied, Infinity Hair Fibers create a natural bond to your existing hair, for a fuller, natural, undetectable look. Infinity Hair Fibers stay in place up to the next wash and even hold up under perspiration, wind or rainy conditions, allowing for full coverage at all times. Infinity Fiber Locking Spray will help ensure the fibers stay in the desired areas of application.

VICKI: How can our readers learn more about INFINITY, and purchase your product?
DENNY: Readers can learn more about Infinity on our website at
or call 855-HAIR-FIBER (424-7342). The website contains: videos, before & after pictures, FAQs, testimonials and where to purchase Infinity.

VICKI: I can’t thank you enough, Denny, for taking the time to tell us about INFINITY, and creating such a great product that will help so many people with thinning hair look and feel more confident about themselves!

That was a very informative interview, and now I’d like to show you some before and after photographs that are even more encouraging:

MALE: Before and After ~ INFINITY Hair Loss Concealing Fibers®

Female: Before and After ~ INFINITY Hair Loss Concealing Fibers®

MALE: Before and After ~ INFINITY Hair Loss Concealing Fibers®

Well, now it’s your turn! There’s no reason to fret about thinning hair, wide parts, or even an unruly cowlick like I have!

Visit :
or call: 855-HAIR-FIBER !
View the INFINITY Video:

5-STARS for INFINITY!! A great product, Denny! Congratulations to you and your team!!

If you are a salon professional, consider carrying the INFINITY products for your clients! They will love it

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from the client interview. My commentary is from personal use of this product.)

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