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November 22, 2012

Shop COOLA on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Who wants to wake up at 5 AM on Black Friday when you can get equally amazing deals from the comfort of your own home on Cyber Monday?

There’s nothing quite like fabulous savings on all natural, eco-friendly skin and sun care products to make Cyber Monday (Nov. 26th) worth your while!

COOLA will offer a 25% discount this Cyber Monday on all products (excluding MineralBaby and the Sun essentials kit) on
Enter the code happymonday and get all of your favorite sun and skin care products in time for the holidays!
(Discount excludes $5.00 flat rate shipping)

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November 21, 2012

Are you tired of continual promises? How about a skin care system that gives you a “Protocol” for YOUR skin that really works!

I could tell this was going to be a very interesting assignment when I found out I’d be personally speaking with Shaun Flagel, the exclusive Global and United States distributor for dr.adam-PARIS Cellulo-Therapie™ skin care line.

I did some research on Dr.Gerard Adam, the man who developed this line of “Cellulo-Therapie™ skin treatment, before I interviewed Shaun.”Dr.Adam is not only a chemical engineer who graduated from the very prestigious National Graduate School of Chemistry~Paris, he also has over 20 years of experience managing the research and development teams of international pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore he is an inventor and co-inventor of 50 patents in the field of human health which have led to marketed and recognized medicines worldwide. He’s also a recognized expert with the French Ministry for Health.”

Dr.Adam’s background was certainly impressive, and I looked forward to speaking with Shaun about the doctor’s product line!

Shaun is very knowledgeable about the dr.adams-PARIS Cellulo-Therapie™ skin care line . Paraphrasing our conversation, he told me that dr.adams-PARIS skincare is not tested on animals, has benefits for every age category, and is ideal for sensitive skin, because it is hypo-allergenic.

Shaun shared with me that “ dr.adam-PARIS skincare is all about skin and not gimicky ! He noted that “the products work together in a synergistic manner, with a pharmaceutical influence at the basil layer of the skin where the cells begin.” He continued to explain that “the product will not sit on top of your skin, but the molecules will be delivered to the cells and protect them from the environment and speed their life cycle, similar to that which occurs in someone with younger skin.”

Shaun expressed “that Dr. Adam’s is continuing to develop new products and everyone will benefit from his skin care. It works well with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. It’s easy for the consumer to use and their “TREATMENT PROTOCOL” determines the products for their particular program. ”

Here are the Treatment Protocol categories followed with a link that will explain the products that are used AM & PM for each Treatment Protocol:

• Healthy Skin Protocol:
For Young skin (Less than 30 years)
For Older skins (between 30 and 40 years)

• Rosacea/Lupus/Diffuse redness of the skin:
For Normal Skin
For Dry skin
For the most severe cases

• Men’s Protocol for sensitive skin

• Post Sun Exposure and Over-Exposure

• For Older skins (between 50 and 60)

• For Over 60 years depending on skin’s condition

• Dry and Sensitive skin

• Deep line and Wrinkle protocol

• Prevention Protocol

• Acne Protocol (If someone goes to the spa for Blue Light
• Post Micro-dermabrasion Protocol or Post Facial Surgery

As you can see the dr.adam-Cellulo-Therapie™ Skin Treatments
are skin specific with the products that are needed for each particular skin type and challenge.

When trying the Older Skin Protocol( between 50 and 60), I find a very nice feel to the various textures of the serums and products, and did not feel any heaviness layering them on my skin.

Dr.Adam addresses a number of skin problems with his Protocols. The Clinical testing shows very positive assessments by product users in all of the various skin issues and Protocol Treatments that are available.

This link will take you to the products that are used in each Treatment Protocol:

After you determine your personal Protocol Treatment choice you will be able to go to a and peruse all of the products that are in your Protocol.

When ready to place your order, you may conveniently set up an account and make your purchases right online at:

Many thanks to Shaun Flagel for his time and articulate presentation in sharing the dr.adam-PARIS philosophy, dr.adam-PARIS Cellular Therapie™ products, Protocol Treatments, and usage of Dr.Adam’s products.

Much success in the USA and around the globe, Shaun, as you introduce dr.adam-PARIS Cellular Therapie™ to the world!

(Quotes and paraphrased information from Dr.Adam’s online website, Shaun Flagel interview, Clinical test results, Product Manual, and dr.adam cellulo-therapy®-USA website.)

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November 21, 2012

Own Anti-Aging Cleanser…It’s Rejuvenating

I have tried many facial cleansers and most of seem to do the trick which is clean your face. There are some that I enjoy using and some, not so much. When I find a facial cleanser that I truly enjoy, I want to share it with you, and Own Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Cleanser is one of them.  After doing some research, I found that Own Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Cleanser has many of the essential factors needed for not just a good facial cleanser but a great one.

Own Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Cleanser is suitable for all skin types which means every member in my family can use it.  Own Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Cleanser can also be used several times a day and won’t dry out your skin. It is a light, creamy, non foaming cleanser that helps to cleanse and revitalize your skin leaving you with a fresh feeling. It rinses off easily leaving no residue. As stated by Own, its anti-aging Rejuvenating cleanser, “gently exfoliates and preps skin for maximum results when combined with Own’s Anti-Aging line products”Own Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Cleanser‘s anti-aging properties as well as the fact that it is sulfate and paraben free, puts this cleanser on the top of my list. Own Skincare products are Dermatologist-tested and at you can learn about theirpatented Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) plant-based technology designed to work with your body’s unique biochemistry and three main layers of skin.”

Own assures you in as early as 8 weeks, their Anti-Aging products have been clinically proven to boost collagen for firmer and fuller looking skin, and with an even skin tone and smoother and softer skin, why wouldn’t you want to try it?

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November 20, 2012

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Photo by Emily Miller, Hair by: Emily Miller, Casy Nolan, Tonya Perry

When I’m in the salon I seem to run into the same problem day after day, not enough counter space.  When I get busy my station looks like a hurricane hit it.  IT’S BAD!!!!!  It can also be very embarrassing for my clients to see my messy station.  Even rearranging my tools never did the trick either.  I felt like my station needed to grow another arm so to speak.

I just about gave up until I discovered The Hot Iron Holster.  When I first took it to work I decided to try it out.   I put my 1 1/2 inch curling iron it, cranked it up to the highest degree (450) and let it hang from my station for 20 minutes.  I couldn’t believe how strong the Holster was.  It held that seering hot curling iron on my station with the utmost strength and durablity I have ever seen and didn’t burn or melt it.

The Holster has no adhesives or suction cups to hold it in place and can cling to any smooth surface.  Not only good in salons, The Hot Iron Holster can also be used at home, or any place you do your hair.   I also found that The Hot Iron Holster is also great for holding, brushes, hair products, and even that one little in the way dodad that you can never seem to know what to do with.

All I can say as a professional hairdresser is that The Hot Iron Holster is a must have for ALL I hairstylists and anybody with hot tools.  So stop dealing with clutter and get yourself one NOW!!!! 🙂

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November 20, 2012

Black Friday Deals From Smashbox and Lumene




Skip the long lines at department stores and still save with Smashbox’s Black Friday Friends & Family deal! Enjoy 20% off orders on for purchases of $50 or more. To receive the discount, enter the code FRIENDS2012 when checking out. (Discount Dates: November 21st – November 26th)


In honor of Black Friday, Walgreens is offering 40% off all Lumene products! All good things must come to an end, though. Be sure to head to your Walgreens (or by 11:59pm as promotion ends after November 23rd.





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November 20, 2012

Spend Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Dr. Brandt Skincare


Black Friday:

50% savings on dr. brandt take the doctor home with you holiday gift set at       $154 value, Black Friday price: $74

Cyber Monday:      

50% savings on dr. brandt skincare FULL size eye creams at **Plus FREE shipping

·         Lineless eye cream ($60 value, Cyber Monday price: $30)

·         Light years away brightening eye cream ($95 value, Cyber Monday            price: $47)

·         Flaws no more R3p eye cream ($80 value, Cyber Monday price: $40)

·         Time arrest eye serum was now ($87, Cyber Monday price: $42)

Cyber Week:

Tuesday, November 27th – Wednesday, December 2nd    40% savings on select dr. brandt skincare classics at




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November 20, 2012

Win A Trip To New York City!

What’s better than a trip to New York City?? How about winning a trip for two, including airfare, two nights’ accommodations at an Affinia, one of the top of the line boutique NYC hotels……and of course you’ll need eat while you are in the city, so the trip also includes a $400 Gift Certificate for SD26 (one of the city’s hottest Italian restaurant), a $150 Gift Certificate for City Lobster, (another of the city’s best restaurants!). Looking for some things to do? You’ve got two tickets to The Blue Man Group (one of Broadway’s longest running and most popular show). You’re in NYC, so you’ll need some culture….. There are 2 tickets to see the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Whitney museum of American Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And of course no trip to NYC would be complete without shopping! A $250 Gift Certificate to Bloomingdale’s is thrown in to help begin the shopping!

The trip is brought to you by those fabulous people at Citybuzz…..and it’s really easy to enter. Entries can be submitted anytime from November 14-December 15, 2012. It’s an instagram contest where you tell Citybuzz what matters to you! Check out and

Thank you Citybuzz!


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November 19, 2012

40% off ALL Lumene products at Walgreens ~ Check it out!

In honor of Black Friday, Walgreens is offering 40% off all Lumene products!

40% off ALL Lumeme products at WALGREENS (or

All good things must come to an end, though. Be sure to head to your Walgreens (or by 11:59 pm as promotion ends after November 23rd.

(Quoted or paraphrased information from PR copy)

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November 19, 2012

Bodycology Has Just The Right Scent

My best friend’s mom gave me a bottle of Bodycology limited edition fragrance mist Spiced Berry Kiss!  I loved it.  It was not a strong scent which usually gives me a really bad headache.  This was different.  I sprayed a fine mist in the air and then stepped into the mist.  A “just right scent” which was with me all day!   I enjoyed it and so did others!  This scent of black raspberry and amber crystals was refreshing!  I decided to put it in my gym bag for an after workout fragrance to keep me fresh.  I am very excited to try the other three fragrances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talia, Guest Blogger

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November 19, 2012

Love Your Face with Renee Taylor

My mom loves faceLOVE by Renee Taylor, star of the hit t.v. show “The Nanny”, See what she has to say:


Renee Taylor & her personal makeup artist, Cindy Carol call it “face  LOVE”; I call it “WOW”. I could not believe how instantly the serum replaced the  problem lines on my face with an amazingly smooth finish. I caution you though,  do not get greedy! The first time I tried it I absolutely loved seeing the lines  disappear and my face rejuvenated. I was pleased, but greedily thought if I  apply more I can probably totally regain my youth. (LOL). I found out quickly  that it doesn’t work that way; more only gives a crusty white scale. So in this  case more is not better, it is a waste of your valuable serum. A drop on problem  areas is enough to give you a very noticeable change.

I prefer to apply a drop around my eyes after I have applied my makeup (and  given it time to dry). It gives me a soft, smooth, natural look. I am especially  impressed with the more natural look as I have never been much of a believer in  purchasing major changes to my face. Personally, I feel ungrateful considering  not being who I was born to be. Please understand that I don’t consider this a  problem for others; only myself. I believe that these are individual choices  that we make for ourselves, but respectfully accept that others may have a  different choice. I like the challenge of accepting myself and “faceLove” enhances that experience by giving me a glimpse of the time before the lines  crept in.

Being able to accept our age gracefully is a challenge. I am so glad that the  changes come slowly, but I will not forget the day that I looked in the mirror  and saw my mother. Don’t misunderstand, it was not devastating but it was eye  opening. The lines and creases had arrived and the resemblance was there. My  mother didn’t have “face LOVE”, but I do and I am thankful for being able to see  what a difference it makes.

Life is not without change, so every opportunity I have to enhance my look is  a blessing to me. Try “face Love”. I think you will love what it does for  you

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