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November 26, 2012

Watch your skin imperfections disappear with Sarah McNamara’s newest product ~ Miracle Skin Transformer VANISH!

Sarah McNamara, once again, has created a product that is not only good for your skin, but is easy to use, and works it’s “magic” right before your eyes as we’ve come to expect from all of Sarah’s Miracle Skin Transformer creations!

Are you ready to brighten your skin and target those fine lines, pores, and sun damaged areas? How about watching dark spots fade, and with ongoing use, experiencing a smoother texture and tone to your skin ?

Well wait no more and let the “magic” begin!
Introducing ~ Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish !

Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish

(Quote) Vanish is an “instant imperfection corrector”.
You’ll instantly notice:
• Reduction in the size of your pores
• Less apparent fine lines and wrinkles
• A smoother skin texture
• A brighter and more clarified tone to your skin

The benefits of long term use of Vanish include:
• Improvement of elasticity and boost in collagen production
• Reduction of surface redness and irritated skin
• A smoother tone and texture of your skin and oxidative damage protection

Ingredients in Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish include:
• Vitamin C and Ergothioneine ~ A “super antioxidant duo”
• Lupine ~ “Providing DNA protection against oxidative damage, protecting the tone and elasticity of the skin.”
• Perennial Plant extracts ~ “Working on two levels to instantly improve the evenness of skin tone and help fade dark spots.”
• Sesame and Grapefruit ~ “An organic sesame oil provides skin with essential fatty acids for hydration”

Quoting some good statistics based on a 1 month user study of 30 women:
• 100% saw visible improved skin texture and brighter, more radiant skin.
• 95% agreed Vanish instantly made their skin look and feel younger and smoother.
• 90% felt Vanish instantly minimized the appearance of discoloration, dullness, and surface redness.
• 90% saw less noticeable pores.

You only need to use a small amount. (about the size of a pea) You may apply Vanish evenly on your clean face before makeup, or apply to specific areas that need attention.
It’s recommended use for optimal results is twice daily.

Find out more about Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish by visiting :

In December 2012 Vanish will be available at Nordstrom and Sephora stores, and online at:

Vanish is another great addition to Sara McNamara’s line of Miracle Skin Transformer products that I know you will enjoy….

(Paraphrased and/or quoted information from provided press release, product facts, & data statistics)

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November 26, 2012

Always “on-the-go”? Are you into outdoor activities, sports, or just the thrill of an adventure? Then ADVENTURESS skin care was created just for you!

Adventuress Michele Carter knows all about the thrill of adventure. At 10 years old she rode her first dirt bike and as she says now, “I was hooked, I loved the freedom it gave me. I still get butterflies every time I fire up my Harley. Yes it’s thrilling; it’s also an anticipation of the camaraderie and adventure I’m going to experience along the way.” To Michele that’s being an “Adventuress”.

No matter what your “Adventure” is, Michelle says, ” GO THERE”

For you gals on-the-go like Michele, no matter what your “Adventure” is she says, “GO THERE”, and has created the “Adventuress Skin Care Collection” to “nourish and protect” your skin, and packaged her products in a way that will also compliment your active life style!

The ADVENTURESS intro offer collection of trial size products! The perfect travel kit!

This travel kit is really “Slick”! Just zip up the hard cover case that has everything you need to care for your skin, and “hit the road”!

We’ll go over the Adventuress Travel Kit products and then you can visit Michele’s website at:

Here you’ll find a site that tells you more about Michele, the Adventuress product collection, the science behind the product, a place to share your favorite Adventuress moment, and read The Adventuress Blog Page!

The Travel Kit contains:
• 5 prepackaged Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes
• 1- Naturally Liberating Cleanser (It’s Fragrance & Paraben free)
• 1- Restorative Skin Purifier (It’s Fragrance & Paraben free)
• 1- A Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer (With French Rose Hip & Evening Primrose Oil)
• 1- High Performance Sunscreen 30-SPF (UVA & UVB protection, moisturizes as it protects, and is water resistant)

The website offers more detailed information about the products, ingredients, and benefits in the above Adventuress Travel Kit. You’ll be impressed with the list of healthy ingredients that encourage anti-aging, healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits, and botanical extracts that assist cell renewal and exfoliation, while reducing irritation, plus so much more!

A couple of my “Faves” in the Adventuress Product line are the individual packets of the Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes:

These cleansing wipes are biodegradable, and are an environmental shield that will protect your skin from redness, rash, and irritation.

I also love the Sunscreen Swipes:

Adventuress Sunscreen Swipes

They are so convenient, and individually wrapped. You won’t have to worry about greasy hands or fingers when you apply the product since the packaging is so “user friendly”! It’s a “sealed finger pocket” that has just the right dosage and delivers a clean application whenever you need sun protection!

Adventuress founder, Michele Carter, has done an amazing job targeting the skin care needs for “thrill seeking Adventuress gals” on-the-go!

Are you an Adventuress! I believe we all are in one way or another! Maybe you need to just “Go There”!

“I believe that every thrill-seeking Adventuress, from woman rider to surf babe, deserves a little pampering”
~ Michele Carter

(Quotes and paraphrased information obtained from PR fact sheets and goadventuress website)

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November 26, 2012

Beautiful Scents Come in all Types of Packaging at Soap & Paper Factory




I have been enjoying all kinds of great scents lately. Candles, Potpourri, Body Lotions, Shower Gels, Room Sprays, the assortment is endless. I just can’t get enough of these delicious scents let alone the variety they come in. My new favorite home fragrance comes from Soap and Paper Factory‘s Aromatic Room Diffusers and they have an incredible assortment in fabulous scents. Diffusers are a delightful way to to add fragrance to any room in your home, office or work place. These elegant and decorative diffusers take up so little space and they can fit anywhere. If you are not familiar with aromatic room diffusers, Soap and Paper Factory states it nicely, “Reed diffusers distribute fragrance as the aromatic oil moves up the reeds and into the air.”

I have mine in my bathroom and it fits so nicely in the corner, I just love it. Soap and Paper Factory’s Aromatic Room Diffusers are available in seven enchanting scents. I hard a difficult time choosing between Verbena, Green Tea, Lavender, Jasmine, Gardenia, Geranium and Roland Pine. I chose Gardenia and I enjoy the scent so much so that I am choosing Jasmine when I purchase my next one.

Soap and Paper Factory’s Aromatic Room Diffusers are also eco-friendly because the fragrance is non-aerosol. These delightful aromatic room diffusers make great holiday gifts. They are packaged in a lovely floral printed box, all you need to do is add a bow!


I just can’t get enough of Soap and Paper Factory’s fragrances. You must try a few of their solid perfumes. That’s right, a few. Once you have one, you just have to try another. Soap and Paper Factory Solid Perfumes are a great way to dab your favorite fragrance on throughout the day. These delightful solid perfumes are contained in a small flat tin, that literally can fit in your back pocket. You can’t break it or spill it, now that’s my kind of perfume. As stated by Soap and Paper Factory, “Our beautiful solid perfumes are a sexy way to fragrance yourself.  Just apply to your pulse points as often as you wish, or dig deep and use as a pomade (because it’s great for your hair). Pure jojoba, beeswax and signature fragrances make this an elegant way to fragrance yourself every minute of the day! ”

These pretty and compact solid perfumes come in 1/2 ounce sizes and are available in 9 inviting scents. Soap and Paper Factory Solid Perfumes make great stocking stuffers or better yet, attach one to a gift or gift card to make it extra special.

At not only will you find aromatic diffusers and solid perfumes, other items in their collection include hand creams, candles, soaps and perfumes.







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November 25, 2012

The Chemical Free Way To Healthy Skin is With Raw Essentials

Once you step into the shower with Raw Essential Balancing Body Wash and you won’t want to step out. Experience the most exhilarating feeling while washing. A feeling of  clean, fresh and smelling fantastic. Raw Essentials Balancing Body Wash is a chemical free, cruelty free, body wash, containing no harsh chemicals and suitable for all skin types. As stated in their website, Raw Essentials Balancing Body Wash is Infused with 40% pure aloe leaf juice and oat extract to help heal and hydrate”. Raw Essentials Balancing Body Wash contains pure aloe which hydrates and moisturizes, Oat extract which moisturizers and has anti-oxidant benefits and Sucrose Cocoate which is a cleanser made entirely of sugar. This body wash also foams  without laurel sulfates which is an added benefit.

Experience that same exhilarating feeling with Raw Essentials Radiant Face Scrub. I loved this face scrub, is smelled great and is non abrasive to your face and neck. Raw Essentials Radiant Face Scrub is specially formulated with 40% raw aloe and is very gentle on your skin because is contains round microbeads with natural soy extracts to gently exfoliate without causing micro scratches, a common side effect of most scrubs. Raw Essentials Radiant Face Scrub also foams without laurel sulfates, is chemical free and is safe for all skin types. This facial scrub also  helps improve skin tone, texture, and clarity to reveal brighter, more radiant skin. Like their body wash, Raw Essentials Radiant Face Scrub contains pure aloe, sucrose Cocate and Eucalyptus leaf oil, which helps protect your skin from inflammation.

Carol Alt, supermodel and actress created Raw Essentials Skincare and her story can be found at,

“The chemical free way to healthy skin is Raw Essentials.

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November 25, 2012

End The Curse With Neuma Blow Dry Lotion

I am one of the many girls that blow dries and straightens her hair on a regular basis.  I was cursed with curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair so on most days I have to resort to using all those hair damaging and drying heating tools.  I constantly have dry hair and split ends.  I normally use a generic heat protectant spray, but I don’t think it did much.  I gave Neuma Blow Dry Lotion a try, and the result were amazing.  After using it, my hair felt softer and smoother.  My hair didn’t feel dry at all and had a nice shine to it.  Better yet, Neuma Blow Dry Lotion made my hair smell great.  My hair didn’t have the “hair straightener” smell to it.

My hair gets really greasy whenever I add any product to it but Neuma Blow Dry Lotion didn’t make my hair feel heavy or greasy at all. This product is a “must have” for any girl that ever touches a blow drier, hair straightener, curling iron, or any other heated hair styling tool.

Guest Blog by Jenna R.

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November 24, 2012

Give a Gift With Meaning, Give a Gift From World Vision

I came across a very special Holiday Gift Catalogue.  This catalogue isn’t your usual gift or toy catalogue, but a catalogue in which gifts you purchase help benefit children and families throughout the world.  This very special Catalogue is called the World Vision Gift Catalogue. What make this catalogue so special?

During the holidays, we always donate toys, clothes and canned goods to various organizations and charities. As I started looking through World Vision’s Catalogue, I did not realize that my donation of a goat or a chicken would provide  food and milk for families in need.  For as little as $18.00 I could provide bed nets for an entire family. I never would have thought that a goat, ducks, clean water and other such necessities are on the top of many families lists.

As stated by World Vision, “Gifts to the World Vision Gift Catalog Maximum Impact Fund are used where resources are most desperately needed, to help children and families in struggling communities around the world. With a financial contribution, the gift giver can select one of 36 Maximum Impact items (a few are listed below) that can be given to a loved one and at the same time help a person in need”.

Consider giving a very  special gift this Holiday Season. With your gift of $60 or more to World Vision’s Maximum Impact Fund, you will receive a beautiful glass-bead necklace, shown below.  “Handmade in Thailand, this colorful necklace can be worn several different ways, even as a multi-stranded bracelet. Wear it yourself or bless a loved one with this beautiful reminder of your generosity! Colors may vary and the approximate size is 44″ around (22″ long when worn as a single necklace).

Remember, World Vision provides for the unique needs of children and families worldwide.  To learn more about World Vision and how your donation will help so many families visit,,World Vision Gift Catalog Facebook page at and World Vision’s Pinterest page at You are also welcome to use the animated YouTube video that explains how the Gift Catalog works:


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November 23, 2012

The Beauty of Giving


School kids help distribute food to the needy for Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, filled with love, family, friends and lots of great food!  There were about 16 at our table, but as always, there are plenty of leftovers to last the rest of the week.

It’s always such a treat to get the chance to catch up with family that I haven’t seen for a while.   But as much fun as that was, what I’ll remember most about this Thanksgiving is what I did the day before the holiday.  The Loaves and Fishes program is a non-profit organization that collects and supplies food and groceries to people in crisis over the holidays and throughout the year through local area churches.  Through that organization, I had the opprtunity to help distribute food to more than 40 families in the area on Wednesday.  The experience absolutely made my Thanksgiving!  The gratitude that I saw from those receiving AND giving out food was overwhelming.

If you ever need of a reminder of how lucky you are, I highly suggest volunteering with one of these organizations.  Giving is a beautiful thing!

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November 23, 2012

The Remington Hair Accessory Storage Board, It’s a Neccessity


This is exactly was I was thinking as I clipped, hung and carefully placed an array of hair accessories on my daughter ‘s new Remington Hair Accessory Storage Board.  I found this adorable room accessory at Walmart I really haven’t seen anything like it before and thought it might be the perfect solution for organizing her hair necessities. My daughter is especially enjoying it.  Now, she is able to keep her hair accessories all in one place and she can easily spot her piece for the day without having to dig through drawers and bins.

I love it because I won’t have to search for missing headbands, hair clips and fancy bobbypins. When she does leave hair accessories laying around, I now have a place to clip her hair pins and hair clips without having to throw them in drawers or bins.

With her new Hair Accessory Storage Board, her favorite hair accessories are strategically and conveniently placed. It is also a great place to clip other accessories like scarf clips and clothing clips. The Storage Board makes a great room accessory which serves a great purpose.  As you can see in our photo, the Hair Accessory Storage Board holds dozens of items and looks very stylish.  You can hang it on a wall (2 nails are included) or rest it against a wall.

For a great gift idea, decorate a Remington Hair Accessory Storage Board with some popular and stylish hair pins, clips, fancy bobby pins, and head bands.  Wrap it up and you will have the perfect gift every girl who wears hair accessories will love.

The best thing about it is it priced just right, at 10.99 at Walmart and at



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November 23, 2012

Help Raise Funds For Hurricane Sandy Relief

Help raise funds for Hurricane Sandy Relief by bidding on a special experience with designer Chris Benz. Lancôme has partnered with the renowned designer to donate an exclusive sneak peek backstage at New York Fashion Week to Fashion for Sandy Relief, a joint effort between the Council of Fashion Designers and Vogue.

Click here to win a tour of the Chris Benz studio along with backstage access to his fashion week show where Lancôme will be behind the scenes creating the makeup trends seen on the runway.   In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Council of Fashion Designers and Vogue created Fashion for Sandy Relief to benefit recovery efforts on the East Coast. In addition to the Lancôme and Chris Benz experience, you can also find biddable items such as taking in a fashion show with Anna Wintour, dining with Gwnyeth Paltrow and Mario Batali.

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November 22, 2012

Save with MURAD on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Looking for Cyber Monday deals on skin care? Murad has you covered!

Kicking off on Monday, November 26th

Murad will be offering $25 off all purchases $100 and up!

Grab your favorites, holiday gifts, and more and stock up for the new year early!

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