November 28, 2012

Become Your Own Perfume Designer

The power of scent…….. Scents can trigger intense feelings and emotions in every human being. Its power can be used to boost your confidence, calm you down, make you feel secure, energize you and more. Scent can tell us much more than we are aware of, and its power should not be underestimated!

While I am a big fan of perfumes, I have become a bigger fan of Lisa Hoffman’s fragrance collection. She allows you the opportunity to become your own perfume designer, and the ability to change your scent as often as you want throughout your day! It’s a designer innovation creating a fragrance revolution! The ultimate way to wear a fragrance—your way!

Lisa, ( a busy professional, entrepreneur, wife and mother understands the fragrance wearer and this understanding is reflected in the modern sensibilities of not only her fragrance collection, but in the wearer’s ability to enjoy the fragrance in uncomplicated ways! She embraces every facet of life into her creative process, from the everyday to the adventurous, and allows the wearer to do the same and change it up as often as they want to!

Her collection consists of fine jewelry pieces that include a signature charm that holds scent infused beads which slowly release its fragrance! (A bonus-no more accidently over-spraying a scent!) The fragrance line consisting of Japanese Agarwood (soulful and woody notes), Madagascar Orchid (exotic), Tuscan Fig (romantic and warm), Tunisian Neroli (sensual and mysterious) and French Clary Sage (crisp and clean) gives a wonderful palate to play and experiment with! Put a bead (or a few!) in the necklace, bracelet, cuff or earrings and change it up throughout the day!

The Holiday Gift scents are a perfect gift for yourself or any lover of perfume on your list! It comes with a full size Eau De Parfum and matching Fragrance Bracelet with refillable fragrance beads! This season, wear fragrance your way!

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