September 30, 2012

Say Bye Bye Blackheads

I tried this great new face cleaner and it’s called ByeBye Blackheads from Joey. It helps eliminate the dirt that clogs your pores and the turns into those ugly blackheads. From what I have read about blackheads, they are usually the first stage of acne. Blackheads can develop into pimples, and I really want to avoid them at all costs. Bye Bye Blackheads is supposed to minimize the appearance of pores too, so I thought I would give it a try.

Bye Bye Blackheads is so easy to use and you only have to apply it once or twice a week.  After washing my face, I apply a thin layer of the clear gel on the area I want to treat and I allow the gel to dry for a minute or two.  Then, I gently rub the gel and it rolls right off my face taking the dirt and grime from my pores with it. It’s a great product and I plan on having it on hand just in case I need. it. I recommend trying Bye Bye Blackheads, it’s working for me!

You can find Bye Bye Blackheads at


Adrienne, Teen Blogger



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