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August 17, 2012

Clarisonic – a NEW launch & “Win It”

It’s a Glam Thing is pleased to announce the Launch of Clarisonic’s ACNE Clarifying Cleansing Set.


We are so excited, that one of our lucky readers will be given the chance to win a CLARISONIC ACNE CLARIFYING COLLECTION (valued at $169.00) This collection includes the Clarisonic Mia 2,  a unique cleansing system which works with the plush Acne Cleansing Brush Head to gently flush pores and remove impurities from the skin along with the CLARISONIC ACNE CLARIFYING CLEANSING SET  (valued at $47.00).

We will giving additional details on the CLARISONIC ACNE CLARIFYING COLLECTION, how it works, what it does and why you will want to win it.  Check back with us soon.

To Enter to win your personal Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Collection go to  the It’s a Glam Thing Facebook page here:  and share with us your personal acne-related story and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win.  Your story should be approximately 75 words or less, but there is no limit to qualify to win. One entry is allowed per person.  The lucky winner will be chosen by September 30th and will be announced right here at It’s a Glam Thing.

Or…. you can enter to win by e-mailing lisa (@) itsaglamthing (dot) com and leave your story with Lisa. Use CLARISONIC  in the subject line.

Good Luck! Hope you are the lucky winner!


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August 16, 2012

Cool Down This Summer with Sorbet Verbena by L’Occitane

L’Occitane’s  Sorbet Verbena Eau de Toilette  is my new favorite for summer.  It is bold but highly pleasing and eye opening.  The light mint touch gives you a fresh chill and then eases nicely into a cool verbena with a good dose of citrus to keep the fragrance thirst quenching.  The lime is very present in the top notes and its voice is strengthened later by the white musk and white woods. This new limited edition summer variation on their classic unisex verbena fragrance cools you down during the summer’s sticky high temperatures. Spritz as often as you like for a cool fresh feeling.

Did you know the verbena leaves are used to make refreshing and tangy sorbets in France.  Sorbet Verbena Eau de Toilette gets its inspiration from these traditional recipes and combines invigorating citrus aromas with an aromatic bouquet of mint, for an intensely refreshing summer fragrance.

Elegantly presented in a thick, glass spray bottled engraved  with a verbena leaf.  Just what I expected next in the verbena line from L’Occitane!

At you will find  Sorbet Verbenia Cooling Lip Gloss and Sorbet Verbena Body Ice Gel .  You will also find fabulous gift baskets,  fragrances, bath and body and skin care products. L’Occitane’s also carries a very impressive line of mens skincare, fragrance and Bath and Body products.  Cool down this summer with L’Occitane.

  Laurie Carcieri, Guest Blogger
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August 13, 2012

Mally Beauty Launches a Fabulous New Website

It’s a Glam Thing loves Mally, and her new website

Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist and president of Mally Beauty,  is excited to share her newly designed website

At, she has created a place for her “Mallynistas” to learn about make up tips and tricks and new products. also offers a forum for women to exchange their own ideas and passion for beauty. Some of the new functionality of the site includes:

–        Dashboard: All of Mally Beauty’s social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will stream together allowing consumers to get  Mally updates in one place.

–        How-To Library: First-hand tutorials from Mally that focus on makeup application tips, education and much more.

–        Auto-Delivery: Mallynistas will never run out of their favorite products with this new capability.

–        Ratings & Reviews: Customer reviews and ratings to make the shopping experience easier and fast.

–        Wish List: Option to be alerted when a product is back in stock. is the place to visit today! You will love it as much as our “It’s a Glam Thing” Team.







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August 13, 2012

Go the distance with HOTPANTS™ by Zaggora !

I’m not a “workout” Fanatic, but stay physically fit with power walking, Pilates, yoga, and never taking an elevator!

I was so intrigued with HotPants™ by Zaggora when I read on their website that (quote)”Lab tests demonstrated that in 30 minutes of exercise, women lost 4 times more weight with HotPants™ than they did when doing the same exercises with standard workout clothes” that I just had to give them a try!

My hectic schedule limits my exercise time and that’s how HotPants™ have really helped me to “go the distance” and maximize my workouts as much as I can! (quote)Specially designed with Celu-lite technology fabric lining, wearing HotPants™ increases your natural body temperature hence, warming up the body areas you want to work on most (thighs, derrière, and legs)!
HotPants™ gave me that extra “boost” to ramp up my workout!

I also like to feel comfortable when I’m working out. Wearing my HotPants™, to me, feels like a pleasant firm second skin. I just glide them on and I’m ready to go! They’re really great looking too!! The Viva HotPants™ vibrant colors add that stylish “pizazz” to your appearance and brightens up your attitude as you work out.

You’ll want to take a look at their website to get even more interesting information about this light weight easy to wear “sensational workout creation”
Just go to :

Do me a favor! While on the website, take a moment to click the “How It works” tab at the top of the page and then click on the photos under RESULTS on the right side of the page …They are great!!

When I wear my HotPants™ I go through whatever routine I’m going to do. After I’m done and remove them, I’m perspiring from my waist to my knees! I have to say my skin feels very smooth, and I know I am getting a benefit from from my HotPants™. There really is a difference since I’ve started wearing them while exercising!

They have a variety of video workouts from MILD, MEDIUM, to STRONG on the website when you click on the tab at the top of the page, PERSONAL TRAINING and then on the right side of that page: GET WET WORKOUTS!

By the way….You may purchase “Your” HotPants™ right on the website!

Without a question I give HotPants™ a 5-Star rating!

(Source of any quotes or paraphrased information was obtained from or PR information.)

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August 13, 2012

Go for the Gold and the Glow with Borghese!

It’s a Glam Thing, along with Borghese are truly in the Olympic Spirit!  Not only have we been rooting for the USA to go for the Gold, Borghese is celebrating too, with their golden shimmer beauty products. Help us celebrate the “Gold”  and the “Glow” by indulging in these golden, shimmery Borghese Cosmetics.

My daughter is wearing Borghese Mascara Bronzo. It is one of her favorites.

Borghese’s Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara Bronzo is the perfect way to shimmery eyelashes.  This thickening mascara has a subtle bronze tone and will look fabulous on your lashes.  What makes Borghese Superiore Mascara so special is its built-in silk powder foundation which provides superior wear.  While wearing this mascara your lashes will be the envoy of those around you.  Borghese Superiore Mascara has built in natural conditioners, is smudge and flake proof, and my favorite benefit it that Borghese Mascara is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Golden plump lips are a must and you can achieve this sexy look with Borghese’s Tinted Lip Plumper. Flamingo Gold is the perfect shade for the occasion offering a rosy pink hue with a touch of gold shimmer.  As stated by Borghese, their “Tinted Lip Plumper delivers a revolutionary, dehydrated vegetal protein micro-particle technology, which penetrates lips for full-capacity plumpness” . You might feel a slight  tingling sensation, not to worry, it is delightfully refreshing, and the end result will be full pouty lips with a very smooth, soft and sexy appearance.  Who wouldn’t want Pink Flamingo Gold Lip Plumper on their lips?

Naturally, if you want to feel golden and shimmery, you have to look golden and shimmery and Borghese Splendore Brightening Body Glow is all to need. This light shimmering moisturizer leaves your skin with a subtle shimmer which brightens your skin leaving you looking radiant. Brightening Body Glow contains vitimans A and E, which help promote healthy skin. Borghese’s Brightening Body Glow can be used where ever your skin is exposed. Truly, these Borghese Beauty products will have you glowing golden all over.

At,  go for the gold and the glow and select the beauty product that is perfect for you.





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August 13, 2012

Professional Style at Home

You spent all that time flat ironing your hair and now you have little bits of frizz coming out.  You keep asking yourself how can I get rid of this?  The answer is simple.  You need John Frieda’s FRIZZ-EASE 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Straightening Spray and Heat Protectant.

It is true that girls with straight hair want curly and curly haired girls want straight.  I was one of those curly girls who would spend hours flat ironing her hair to get it nice and straight. My only problem I had was the humidity in this hot Florida weather. It was causing my hair to frizz up and feel stringy.  Now I have learned to like my curls so I only use a flat iron on my bangs to give them a straight sleek look. A couple sprays of 3-Day Straight and one swipe on each section with my flat iron, my bangs are soft, smooth and frizz free.

Right after you towel dry your hair spritz 3-Day Straight all through the parts you want to flat iron and you can either let it dry naturally or you can take your hairdryer and a brush to it to help it with the straightening process.  For extremely curly hair use a brush to help aid you in the process.

So the time spent to flat iron your hair will not be wasted with John Freida’s 3 -Day Straight.  Give your hair some loving too.

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August 11, 2012

Stay Safe in the Sun with a Sun Safety Bracelet

Are you ready for fun in the sun?  Then you must be sporting your very own Sun Safety Bracelet.  Sun safety is so important these days.  With the risk of  Melanoma so great, more and more people are becoming aware of this life threatening disease.  The simple fact is, sun damaged skin can be prevented with proper precautions.  So break out your Sun Safety Bracelet and enjoy the rays.

Sun safety Bracelets and are available for children, teens and adults at

When we are outdoors, we don’t want to forget to reapply our sunscreen. Sun Safety Bracelets are not only stylish abut also serve as in important reminder to reapply your sunscreen.  Simply apply spf 15 or greater to the bracelet and yourself and the bracelet will turn dark blue when your sunscreen loses its effectiveness.  My cousin Melissa’s children are sporting their Sun Safety Bracelets, and Melissa knows exactly when she needs to re-apply their sunscreen.

Kerry Lynn Spindler  founder of KSpin Designs, is a former fashion model-turned-successful business woman who was diagnosed with melanoma at age 27.  Her company, KSpin Designs is a Boston-based children’s couture that  carries a specialty clothing line for boys and girl’s (18 months to size 10). KSpin’s collections serve as a platform to raise public awareness for skin cancer.

Through KSpin Designs and it’s awareness foundation, www.PrettyPale.orgKerry Lynn, supports skin cancer awareness and education for children and adults by providing free sunscreen and sun-safety tips with every purchase.

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August 10, 2012

emerginC is offering a two-for-one special from August 13th through August 19th ~ Don’t miss out!

Have you tried emerginC? Well if you are trying to reduce redness rapidly emerginC’s d-red Daytime Emulsion and d-red Nighttime Strengthening Balm are tried and true products that will quickly reduce the redness and calm down your skin revealing a “healthy new complexion”!
emerginC d-red daytime emulsion and emerginC d-red nightime strengthening balm

emerginC lets you show off lovely skin with the key vitamins, plant extracts, enzymes, and a special repair complex that repairs skin cells and improves the appearance of broken capillaries in these emerginC products!

Here’s the deal! For one week only starting next week you will be able to get BOTH products for the price of ONE! Offer valid: Monday, August 13th through Sunday, August 19th for $69.50 !!

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by visiting:

(Source of quoted and paraphrased information from from emerginC press release.)

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August 9, 2012

Supergoop SPF 30+…Not Just Another Sunscreen

When I first tried Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen, I felt like it was going to be “just another sunscreen”. Well, it was not!!!!! Before heading out on my kayaking trip, I applied Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen to my sensitive skin. This product protected my skin from the sun exposure all day with one application. It moisturized and hydrated my skin throughout the day without feeling like a heavy, greasy cream or a thick lotion. I adored its light, serum-like texture which did not clog my pores or make me sweat. I did not have to worry about applying it to my face because it did not burn or sting when near my eyes. Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen had a pleasant, light smell. The compact bottle with its air proof dispensing system, dispensed the right amount to cover my face, and it conveniently stored in my life jacket. I was very impressed with this product!!!!

When I returned from my trip, I researched Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen. Not only does it work and feel wonderful – This product contains antioxidants E and B5 to optimize skin health and promotes nutrient absorption, and cell renewal to reduce the look of fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. It protects skin from daily UVA and UVB sun exposure and environmental stress. Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen provides 24 hours of continuous moisture and stimulates the repair of existing UV damage to even further combat premature aging. It is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, and Triclosan. It is healthy, lightweight and comes with SPF 30– it is everything I have been searching for! It is a very innovative product and I highly recommend it !!!!!

Visit to view their entire line of “Clinically tested, Paraben, Fragrance and Oxybenzone free UV Protection” suncare products.

Laurie Carcieri, Guest Blogger

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August 9, 2012

Feel Revitilized and Refreshed with Fiafini


After a long day of physical and mental activities, a women’s skin can feel tired, oily, and drained.  Fiafini Delicate Cleansing Emulsion, will allow your skin to feel revitalized and refreshed.  This silky cleanser will “dissolve all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin while delivering powerful anti-aging benefits”.  Skin should always feel rejuvenated so using a cleansing emulsion product will naturally moisturize skin that feels old and worn.

Fiafini Delicate Cleansing Emulsion has done wonders for my skin.  Its velvety, smooth, and rich texture has helped lift away the many toxins that live within any skin tone. This product has enhanced my skin by removing blackheads and any other impure environmental toxins that settle in our skin over the course of time.

Fiafini Delicate Cleansing Emulsion will protect your skin but at the same time prevent further damage from the environment and other factors that will cause skin to age.  This natural cleansing moisturizer will allow women of all ages to feel young and invigorated.

Visit to learn more about Fiafini advanced anti-aging skincare crafted with the miraculous Marula beauty oil and the world’s finest botanicals.


Melissa Caffrey, Guest Blogger


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