August 28, 2012

Attention all Glam Gals ~ Medicine Mama’s Apothecary has created a product just for you!

Before I tell you about the product created just for women, I’d like to introduce you to the mastermind of Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, Donna Steinmann. I don’t know Donna personally, but she’s from my favorite place in the world, beautiful Ojai California!

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is an organic processor and handler. Their products are all certified organic! In fact, every product that they create is made in-house at the apothecary in Ojai. Plus, they are all crafted by hand and only pure, organic and natural honey bee ingredients are used in the creation of Donna (The Medicine Mama) Steinmann’s products.

The product I’ll be sharing with you in this article is a wonderful cream that (quote) “alleviates feminine skin discomfort.” It’s called Vmagic™!

V Magic™ ~ "Medicine Mama's intimate wellness cream"

Unlike many creams you may find “over the counter”, Vmagic™ consists of 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals or artificial properties. In fact, (quote) “the 100% natural ingredients with organic anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, as well as Sea Buckthorn aid in the repair and care of women’s most tender skin.”

Some of the benefits of Vmagic™ include:
• Alleviation of symptoms as itching, burning, soreness, dryness and tenderness associated with imbalance of a woman’s personal feminine area.
• It soothes irritated skin and rashes associated with waxing and shaving; aids in recovery of cosmetic surgery; and can safely be used daily as a moisturizer and lubricant providing nourishment and rejuvenation to a woman’s intimate feminine area.

Find out about the precise combined blend of ingredients in Vmagic™ intended to bring out their most powerful health benefits in the product, learn more about other Donna Steinmann’s healing products, and read wonderful comments from users on Medicine Mama’s website at:

You may also find Medicine Mama’s Apothecary on Facebook!

Vmagic™ may be found and purchased for $24.95 (2oz jar) at “natural retailers” across the nation or on the website listed above.

A 5-STAR review for Vmagic™ and Medicine Mama’s Apothecary !

NOW ~ SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST !! In this article you’ve heard a lot about one of Medicine Mama, Donna Steinmann’s unique products! How would you like find out more about an all in one healing skin cream called Sweet Bee Magic and SEE how Medicine Mama’s “Magic” is made? You are invited to be part of a “Behind The Scenes” Webinar at The Medicine Mama’s Apothecary!!

Medicine Mama, Donna Steinmann

This exclusive Webinar will be held on
Wednesday September 5th, 2012! :
1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST or 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

You won’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to see and hear the Medicine Mama, Donna Steinmann share the “Magic” of her all purpose “SWEET BEE MAGIC”, healthy, pure, healing, nourishing, protective cream and all of it’s uses!

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(Credit: Sources for any quotes or paraphrased information in this article from Media Resources, and Medicine Mama’s Apothecary website.)

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