April 22, 2012

My Interview with Sarah McNamara innovator of Miracle Skin Transformer

The response to Miracle Skin Transformer has been very exciting. Sarah McNamara has created a lot of interest in her products that are not only great for multi-tasking in a cosmetic fashion, but are treatment products as well.

I really wanted find out more about Ms.McNamara and her versatile new products. I was thrilled when I was able to get an interview with her, and now be able to share it with you. So as promised, here is the interview I had with the innovator of Miracle Skin Transformer, Sarah McNamara!

VICKI: Sarah, would you share a bit about your background in the cosmetic and skincare field.

SARAH: I am originally from New Zealand and began working behind the counter at the country’s most prestigious department store. It was there that I became passionate for the cosmetics industry. I studied the international skincare market while working for some of the most iconic brands in the business for the past 15 years. I mostly became inspired by ethically obtained, innovative powerful ingredients and advanced delivery systems.

VICKI: That’s quite interesting, Sarah. You really have been involved in many aspects of the cosmetic business. How did your conception and development of a treatment and cosmetic line come come about?

SARAH: As a busy mother of two, I didn’t want or have time to apply tons of lotions, gels and creams before even applying my makeup. I knew there had to be a better, easier way to deliver short-cuts to beautiful, flawless skin. I noticed a gap in the market which is why I formulated Miracle Skin Transformer to moisturize, prime, even skin tone, mattify like a powder and protect with sunscreen all in one easy application.

VICKI: How ingenious, and what a unique idea…. Are there any new products and future considerations for Miracle Skin Transformation?

SARAH: We just launched Hydroactive Microderm and Hydroactive Cleanser exclusively on HSN. These are high-concept prep cleansing products formulated to take away environmental dirt and grime, as well as dead skin cells which is so critical. This creamy cleanser contains Manuka Honey from New Zealand, a powerful antioxidant used to calm and smooth the skin. The Hydroactive Microderm is designed to be used every other day in collaboration with the cleanser to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and prep skin for the day. We also have our first-ever true overnight treatment product coming out in Summer 2012, Triple Active Night Treatment. We’re very excited about this launch as this night cream simplifies nightly skin care regimens by combining the power of three multi-functional night creams into one jar formulated to exfoliate, moisturize and address anti-aging concerns.

VICKI: That’s a super combination, and the Night Cream sounds magnificent! With your amazing mass appeal, and now being on HSN, is there anything else you’d like to share with us at this time?

SARAH: Miracle Skin Transformer has many new developments on the way. We most recently made our debut on HSN which was great fun. I am also hosting a radio show with my best guy, Anthony, called Face Forward with Sarah McNamara: Life, Beauty & Everything in Between. We air every Wednesday at 2pm EST on VoiceAmerica on the Variety Channel. We have an amazing line up of guests coming up, so be sure to tune in for some entertainment! Miracle Skin Transformer is also debuting our first-ever infomercial in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to all of the exciting endeavors to come!

VICKI: Sarah, we all are all excited about any new developments with Miracle Skin
Transformer, and watching your appearances on HSN. Congratulations on your new Radio show. We’ll definitely be tuning in to hear your weekly program! Looking forward to seeing the Miracle Skin Transformer infomercial,too! That will be awesome…

Thank you so much for taking time from you busy schedule for this interview. Wishing you the best with all of your upcoming ventures.

You can visit Sarah’s website at:

and HSN: http://www.hsn.com/cnt/search/searchresults/default.aspx?Ntt=Miracle+Skin+Transformer&N=0&Ntk=Std&st=2&c

So as we say in the “BIZ”… stay tuned!! We’ll keep you updated on Sarah McNamara, and Miracle Skin Transformer right here on It’s A Glam Thing!

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