March 27, 2012

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Linda Mason

Before I share my interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Linda Mason, I inspire all of you who read this article to tune in to “TUESDAY NIGHT BEAUTY” on QVC on Tuesday, March 27th from 9-10PM (EST) where you will be able to see Linda debut an amazing product that I can’t wait to see!! All I’m going to say is that it’s something you all will want in your makeup bag, and Linda will show how versatile it is and how to use it !! Plus, you’ll get to see a delightful talented woman I’ve wanted to interview since I wrote about her most recent book “MAKEUP FOR AGELESS BEAUTY”.

It all began in May of last year when I received Linda’s book to read and review.

I was beyond awe with Linda’s ability to create an individual look on each person in the book that was appropriate for them. The ages ranged from women in their 40’s through their 70’s and the transformations were “magical”. Linda enhanced their outer beauty and brought out their inner beauty with her artistic creativity that resulted in the perfect balance of “true beauty”.

Last month I received a notification that I had a reply from one of the sites that I had my article about Linda’s book posted. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that it was actually from Linda Mason. I received such a thoughtful sincere complement about my article that I knew I had just experienced a moment of synchronicity!

I wrote back to thank Linda and knew it was my perfect opportunity to ask if she might consider doing an interview with me. Her answer of “yes” was like music to my ears. I knew exactly what I wanted to ask her, and the rest is history.


VICKI: What was your inspiration to pursue a career in Makeup Artistry?

LINDA: I always loved makeup and Fashion. I never even knew that there could be such a fabulous job where I could combine both. One day the Public Relations of a cosmetic firm explained the work to me and introduced me to her photographer. I had experience selling makeup and teaching about cosmetics and I had also worked for a few years as a fashion model for designers but I never knew there was such fantastic work. I started testing day and night to get a great portfolio together. Then I never looked back. I was hooked.

VICKI:There are so many types makeup artistry, including television, film, photography, editorial, etc., and they are so subjective.  What is your main objective as you personally are creating a look on a client who is not in the entertainment field and just wants a basic makeover?

LINDA: When I have a client I am making up or even just advising. I try to take her to a place that she has never been before. I try to see inside her and get to know her a little then show her something small that could make a big difference to how she looks . Each woman is different so here at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason, whether it is myself or one of my assistants, we try to give a Haute Couture personalized makeup experience to our clients. I can give a woman one or two specific looks and this is sometimes what is best, but the majority of my clients understand that spending a couple of hours with me is more like being immersed in a creative process together, it is an exciting experience to be able to see all the possibilities you can do with your face. After the class we take a step back and go over the process and what the client has felt that she can do most easily. The good thing is that after a lesson she can always come back or contact us if she is unsure of anything.

VICKI:If someone might be considering a career in the industry as a Makeup Artist, what would be a good place for them to start?

LINDA:If you are considering a career in the makeup industry there are many avenues. It very much depends on your age. If you are young don’t be in too much of a rush to be a fashion and beauty Makeup artist. Take time to develop your technique and Taste. Go to Art Galleries and read lots of magazines. Not just fashion magazines but other ones too. Working behind the counter in sales especially in a large department store is great as you can try lots of products. Art college or Beauty school are excellent but does not replace your own personal journey and effort that you need to make . If you can not go to art school collect everything that you can to draw or paint with and just do it develop your own style, don’t be afraid to try things out. Makeup all your friends and experiment with the makeup. I didn’t start working as a Fashion and Beauty Makeup artists until I was 28 and am very thankful of that because I realize that the maturity I had gained in my life was a great contributor to my success.

Linda Mason is truly a consummate artist. Her Makeup artistry is exquisite, her art is splendid, and her accessories are simply grand!

“Linda Mason, The Art of Beauty” Shop and Gallery is located in Soho, New York City and a great place to visit.

(Linda Mason Photo and Workshop Photo courtesy of
(Quote) The space also houses a workshop for professionals and as an experimental space to create her hand made compacts, makeup accessories and Art.

Don’t worry if you are not in New York. Linda’s website offers everything from her books, Cosmetics, Haute Couture Makeup compacts, Art, Accessories, and more that you are able to purchase right online. It also has information regarding professional classes, and theme events that are available, plus much more.

It’s quite a fun experience and all you have to do is go to

While you are enjoying Linda’s website make sure you visit “Linda’s Portfolio & Bio.”
The chronological time line of linda’s career is so interesting and when you read all of the celebrities and fashion designers Linda has worked with you’ll see how determination, hard work and passion for what you do truly pays off.

Thank you Linda, for making this interview become a reality. I look forward to visiting you in New york at “The Art of Beauty” shop and gallery one day soon !

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