March 23, 2012

Bellissima Borghese

Most of us, men included are obsessed with our hair! Easy to see why……it is reported that the first thing a person notices when meeting someone is their hair. The length, the color, the style, the lack of it, whatever….many of us are willing to spend mega dollars on maintaining our tresses!

In our dream world, we want products that actually help repair and restore our locks. Most products that are out there in the hair care world contain silicone based products. Silicone sits on top of the hair, its molecules too large to penetrate into the hair. It is great for quick fixes, but that’s about it. We also want professional grade, easy access and low maintenance products that won’t break our budgets!

Borghese to the rescue! Our Tuscan fairy Godmother and a name synonymous with high-end, luxurious skin care products for generations has heard our hair cares woes and responded! Once again the company that has captured the tradition of classic Italian beauty, modernizing it and creating a collection of products of unparalleled effectiveness, has launched a new line of premium hair care products.

Borghese, along with Primary One Brands, have unleashed a line of Borghese hair care products includes Venetian Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner; Modena Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner; Salermo Silking Hair Oil; Tuscany Thickening Cream; Giovanni Volumizing Hair Gel; Siena Styling Spray; Siena Finishing Hair Spray; Milan Volumizing Mousse; and Capri Style-In Conditioner and their men’s line is slated to be released in the fall (which I intend on borrowing them!). The hair care products are formulated with Borghese’s proprietary Acqua Di Vita Complex, the main age-defying ingredient found in many of the company’s products. This Complex, small enough to penetrate into hair shafts, is known for its rejuvenating and healing effects is found in mineral waters and volcanic mud in the Tuscany region.

I have always associated Borghese products as one of the finest in luxury, to be savored for those ultimate pampering sessions. The hair care line has a price point ranging from $13 to $18, and is sold in national drugstore chains and department stores, from CVS/Pharmacy,Walgreen’s, to Duane Reade and more, it means everyday becomes a pampering session………….. Borghese making us all che bella donnas!

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