February 19, 2012

Rae Cosmetics: Hot Enough to “Stand the Heat”

Rae Cosmetics are a mineral based cosmetic line that not only gives you that flawless  finish but actually stays put throughout your busy day. Whether you are a constant traveler,  sports enthuesist,  an on-the-go career or soccer mom, I would highly recommend Rae Cosmetics for an active lifestyle. I know your probably thinking,  “no way is there a makeup line that I can put on in the morning and not have to worry about”.   Well I can  assure you there is.

With my busy life, hectic work schedule and my very fair skin I needed to find a makeup line that made me look fresh all day and didn’t turn orange. When I tried the Rae bronzer I was  leary of how it would look. Not only did it give me a nice sun kissed glow but I didn’t resemble an orange pumpkin at the end of day. The compact comes with two shades of brown, (a darker and a lighter one), to  counteract each other and give that even glow.

Another concern I always have are my blonde eyelashes  and the right mascara to evenly cover and make them look longer  separating them for that full look. The first years of my makeup wearing days I tried everything and nothing seemed to work.  A few days after using this mascara I was amazed at how different my lashes looked. The wand for the mascara has wide set bristles making it easy to coat every lash getting  down to the very root underneath the eyelid.  I no longer have to put eyeliner under my eyelid to make them look fuller, the wand did that for me.

And of course the most important part of any look are the lips. I am not a lipstick girl, but I love my lipgloss as long as it doesn’t make my lips stick together. Rae Cosmetics has designed the right lipgloss for the job. With a nice vibrant shine and sexy colors, Rae’s lipgloss makes your lips look smooth and kissable. So next time you are in dire need of a “stay on” makeup line for your busy life, visit RaeCosmetics.com and discover the line that was created to “stand the heat”.

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