February 13, 2012

Sexy Drinks for Your Valentine…

Looking for Some Sexy New Drinks for Your Valentine??

Linnea Johansson to the rescue!!!

Here are some of Linnea’s fave liquid dessert recipes for some Valentine’s Day fun…

“Boozy” Donuts with Creme Brulee topping

Donuts are the new cupcakes, and this is an easy way to “pimp” a regular store bought donut and take it from afternoon snack to fancy dessert.

6 sugar-covered donuts holes
1/2 cup of sugar
2 oz of your favorite liqueur

1. Heat the donuts in the oven at 250 degrees for
5 minutes.
2. On a plate, add the sugar, brush the top of the warm donuts with water and dip in the sugar.
3. Insert and fill the liqueur in multiple spots in the bottom of the donuts using a small turkey baster/or cake decorating tool.
4. With a creme brulee torch, burn the sugar/cinnamon top of the donuts to a hard sugar topping.

Tip: if you don’t happen to have a creme brulee torch at home, don’t fret simply broil the donuts in the oven till the sugar has melted

Serve right away while warm, a good tip is to let the guests watch while you are putting the finishing touches, their mouths will be watering and you will look like a pro in the kitchen!

Adult Snow Cones

This recipe is one of my absolute favorites and a very sexy valentines “liquid” dessert to boot

1 cup Xante Spirit
2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 cups strawberry puree
8 cups ice

Strawberry Puree:
1 cup sugar
2 cups cleaned & cut strawberry’s
1 cup water
– in a small pot add the strawberry’s, sugar and water. heat up and let it boil on low heat for 5 minutes. add to the blender and puree. If to thick ad a bit more water.

1.Crush the ice into a fine as possible snow like consistency, a margarita mixer works great for this.
2. Place the crushed ice in a small drinking glass. Pour over a shot equal parts of fresh lemon juice, the strawberry puree and finish with a shot of Xante.

And while you have the Xante (one of my favorites 🙂 handy from your last recipe try making a hot toddy.. The pear and cognac blend works excellently with apple cider.

Xante Hot Apple

Makes 1 serving
2 oz Xante Pear Cognac
1 cup of fresh apple juice or cider
1 cinnamon stick

-Add the apple cider to a small pot along with the cinnamon stick. Heat on low for 10 minutes, take of the heat. Serve in a mug, and pour in the Xante, and serve steaming hot.

We here at It’s a Glam Thing would like to thank Linnea (www.linneajohansson.com) for her suggestions. I am looking forward to trying them all!

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