September 23, 2011

Violent Lips ~ The ultimate lip appliqué that stays on your lips for up to 8 hours

Being a lip fanatic, over the years I’ve probably tried just about every type of lip product that came out on the market. In my opinion, Violent Lips is probably the most unique, interesting, fun, and easy way to apply a temporary tatoo lip color, that I’ve ever experienced.

I received 3 lip appliqués from their beautiful Glitteratti Collection. After watching an articulate tutorial on their very thorough website I decided to give it a try, and apply my Pink Giltteratti lip color. In awe with the ease of preparation and application, I decided to include the picture of my lips so you could see for yourself how nice my first time use of the Violent Lip appliqué turned out!

There are six colors in the Glitteratti Collection which include: Red, Pink, Gold, Silver, Blue, and Crimson. They can be purchased on the Violent Lips website or:
The GLITTERATTI COLLECTION is also available at SEPHORA STORES in the U.S. and CANADA.

(Quoting from information provided) “Your Lips Say Everything ~ Violent Lips was created by Jeff Habbad, an Entertainment Industry Veteran, and his daughters Isabella, and Sophia. Violent lips offer a statement making range using FDA approved ingredients. The vegan product is tested on Super Models, not animals and made in America. With over 50 designs and counting they range from bold animal prints and raging rainbow to sexy fishnet and Glitteratti sparkles with new patterns and styles releasing every few weeks.”
(End quote)

A VIP sighting:

Bridget from Girls Next Door is “a fan” of Violent Lips new Sugar Factory Collection.

Violent Lips and The Sugar Factory Store, known for their wonderful candy treats, “teamed up” to create a limited edition of Violent Lips that look so sweet on your lips called , Candy Coated Kisses.

Delectable, aren’t they… And NO calories! Only $15.95 for a pack of three, and available at:

Dancing With The Stars:
On a recent Dancing With the Stars television program, the beautiful Lauren Bennett was featured with LMFAO performing their hit song “Party Rock, wearing these “Poison” Violent Lips :

Don’t be shy! Let your lips tell it like it is ! This collection is $9.95 for a pack of three on the Violent Lips website.
With Violent Lips you can really express yourself without saying a word!

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of Violent Lips out and about, and congratulations to Violent Lips on their unique creativity!

Violent lips gets a 5 star ~ “Must Have” rating !

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