August 29, 2011

Multi Correxion™ Lift ! The New Anti-Gravity Day Moisturizer from RoC®

RoC® Skin Care’s new Multi Correxion™ Lift Anti-Gravity Day Moisturizer offers a number of perks for your skin.
need to protect your skin from the sun. This product will help keep your skin hydrated all day long. That means a healthier looking skin along with (and I quote) “protection from premature aging”

But there’s more! (and I quote) “The exclusive PROTIENT® PLUS firming technology, a high performance tightening agent, helps visibly firm and tone skin.”

Visit for more information about all of their fine products.

In 1957, RoC® was founded in France by a pharmacist and group of dermatologists. In 1999 RoC® was introduced in the United States. Their ongoing research brings a true dedication to finding anti-aging solutions with proven success. You can read all about this company and its remarkable history on the website listed above.

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