July 24, 2011

Real Techniques™ ~ A New Cosmetic Brush line by Samantha Chapman

As a national makeup artist, I have to say that I really like working with the Real Techniques™ Brushes by Samantha Chapman. The brushes that you see above, are part of my professional makeup case, and they are Samantha’s RealTechniques™ CORE Collection.

Whenever I’m asked about how to achieve a professional makekup look, I always say that you need the proper tools to apply, blend, and create a flawless look like you get when you have your makeup done professionally. The Core Collection is great. It even comes in it’s own stand up case for easy access and storage!

Samantha Chapman is a seasoned professional and celebrity makeup artist who is (and I quote) “A beauty vlogger turned internet phenomenom.tutorial for Samantha Chapman’s Core Collection featured in this article :
http://realtechniques.com/shop-collection/your-base-flawless/core-collection (just scroll down and it’s on the left side of the page!)

This tutorial is part of Samantha’s web site :
www.realtechniques.com where you will find more tutorials, and so much information from this very talented makeup artist.

You’ll be able to purchase Real Techniques™ brush sets on this website, and you may also find them in ULTA stores.

Quoting Samantha, “I’m thrilled to team up with Real Techniques™ to bring women hi-tech tools that deliver high-definition results, alongside tutorials packed with techniques you can use to boost your look.”

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