June 25, 2011

Topical Treatment with Botox Results?? Sign Me Up!!

Anatomy of a Wrinkle Alleviated With Skin 2 Skin


With age comes wisdom—and wrinkles! Of course most of us would forgo the wisdom when we spy those wrinkles on the brow, forehead, around the eyes and lips that seemingly weren’t there, or weren’t as noticeable the night before! At first, we think we are imagining it, but we’re not. Years of being exposed to sunlight, environmental free radicals, and even our facial expressions weaken our skin, leaving us gradually with wrinkles.  Like it or not, as we age, our skin thins, the connective tissue weakens, we produce less collagen and elastin, leaving us with those fine lines that become deeper and more pronounced with age.

Chances are, it is when we first start to see these wrinkles that we begin the never ending quest to find anything that works to slow down the process and make them (please!!!) go away! Most doctors will tell you that is possible to take preventive measures against wrinkle damage.  Their simple solutions would include the following:

1)      Protect yourself from sun and environmental factors as much as possible.

2)      Boost collagen and keep skin hydrated.

3)      Be smart about skin care. Pick products that work.

4)      Soften muscle contractions.

 What is it about the softening of muscle contraction that makes it important? To understand the anatomy of a wrinkle, it is important to understand how our skin works.  Our skin consists of three layers.  The first layer is epidermis, the thin protective layer. This layer has rows of cells resembling a brick wall, with the new cells at the base. The dermis or the middle layer contains connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, sweat and oil glands as well as the cells that produce collagen. Collagen, along with elastin weaves through the outer layer, giving our skin flexibility and firmness. The base layer or the subcutaneous layer is composed of connective and fat tissues.

Remember being told when you were making a face as a child to be careful because your face would freeze that way? They weren’t kidding! Anytime you make a facial expression temporary folds in the skin form where our muscles move. The collagen in our skin develops a memory of each crease. Collagen production decreases with age and the skin thins. What are those lines deepening in the forehead? You are looking at those muscles remembering movement and staying contracted. Not pretty is it?

What can you do to lessen and alleviate these lines? Keep the muscles relaxed!  One reason Botox is so popular is because Botox lessens the contractions of the muscle causing them to relax. It acts as a muscle relaxant by blocking the neurotransmitters that cause muscle contraction. Botox cosmetic injections are popular because they are a simple, minimally non-invasive procedure that is easy to perform and consistently achieves good results. As of 2007, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated that 4.6 million procedures were done in the US alone.

The effects of Botox are temporary. The results wear off in about three to four months, and the muscles will then contract again. The contractions appear gradually. The goal of Botox is a subtle softening of the lines.  The average cost of a Botox treatment anywhere from $300 to $500. Multiply that by 3 or 4 times a year. OUCH!!! It can become a pricey addition to your budget. Vanity aside, I personally I can think of better ways to enjoy the money.

If you are just starting to see those lines, or if they aren’t that deep, there is no need to run right out and book that Botox appointment. Get yourself a bottle of Skin 2 Skin’s Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow’s Feet Cream. STAT!!! This intensive cream is formulated with three powerful peptides (Argireline 20%, Snap 8 10%and Dermaxyl) that calm the muscle contractions that lead to the deep wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and crow’s feet.  Dermaxyl hydrates the skin and helps mature skin to function like younger skin. By using these powerful smart anti-aging peptides together you will see a 60% wrinkle reduction within 28 days and continued smoothing of the skin over time.

If you are using Botox, then this cream can also be used to get longer wear out of your treatment. Like all of Skin 2 Skin products, (www.skin2skincare.com) the Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow’s Feet Cream is a natural, USA made, Medical Grade, Certified Organic, double duty cream that works to repair existing skin conditions and prevent future skin damage. It contains some of the highest concentrations of anti-aging elements known to science, designed to repair, rehydrate and enhance skin elasticity, while noticeably reducing wrinkles and improving the skin’s appearance and balance.

A less invasive treatment and certainly a much cheaper alternative to Botox would be to use Skin 2 Skin Un-Wrinkle Forehead &Crow’s Feet Cream. As much as I have earned every one of those laugh lines, frowns, scowls, etc., I’d rather not wear them on my face! With age does come wisdom—–the wisdom to use smarter products!

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