April 25, 2011

Becca® Creme Blush is a “Must Have” if you’re a Glam Gal on the go!

This is my kind of product! If you’re on the go, and want to look your best in no time, you can multi-task with creamy Becca® blush that goes on with ease, is “highly pigmented” so you don’t need to use a lot to achieve a lovely youthful blush of color that is not only enviable, but imparts a natural look, and is also long lasting!

Here’s how I use Becca® Creme Blush. Once I’ve applied any other “creme-based’ cosmetics, and before I use any powder type products, I apply Becca® Creme Blush on my cheek area to achieve a “flush” of color”. I then put some on my lips, and just a touch diagonally on the outer corner of my eyes. That gives a really nice lifting effect!

The color I use is Terracotta, but there is a wide array of colors to chose from that you can find on their very impressive website : www.becccosmetics.com. I promise you’ll be tempted with many wonderful Becca products, brushes, and multi use cosmetics available on their site.

You can purchase Becca® products on their website, as well as specialty boutiques across the nation.

The price of Becca® Creme Blush is $30, and the time you save with it’s versatility is “Priceless” !

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