March 25, 2011

John Frieda—Many New Fabulous Products For Spring!

Colour my own hair?? Surely, you jest! First of all, even after decades of practice, I have all I can do to handle a blow drier and brush! I don’t have the hair savvy or co-ordination to even attempt colouring my own hair. And besides, from what I’ve seen, there is a big difference between having your having your hair done in a salon versus you doing it at home yourself. The hair colourist is a professional that can work their hair colour magic, giving you optimum results; salon precise coverage and salon quality results. So would I cheat on my hair colour and colour my own hair… way in hell!

Those were my sentiments as I headed over to the John Frieda event where they were launching their first-ever permanent hair colour, Precision Foam Colour. I am a however, a big fan of the John Frieda line. I LOVE all things Sheer Blonde line, and use their Frizz-Ease whenever I want my hair to be bone-straight. I was looking forward to seeing their new products, which included the Precision Foam Colour, The Full Repair Line, The Sheer Blonde Lightening Spray, Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight, and Luxurious  Volume.

Let’s talk about the new editions….Luxurious Volume-a dry shampoo, without the white residue mess, and doesn’t leave hair wet or tacky. It will absorb oil and revive volume for round-the-clock style. It comes in a handy throw in your purse style, and will be one that I carry around with me on those non-stop days. Fabulous addition! Next up, the Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight. Need I say more? It is an at-home alternative to keratin treatments. And best yet? If you decide to go curly for a while, you can. The 3-Day Frizz-Ease allows you to mix and match your styles.

The Sheer Blonde Lightening Spray will give those of us who think there is no such thing as being too blonde a chance to rejoice. This heat activated spray will allow you to keep your blonde fresh and bright when you can’t get to a salon. The more heat you add, the lighter you will go. It will be perfect for summer! And the Full Repair Line, containing Inca Inchi oil which repairs hair, is a revolutionary way to repair hair without sacrificing style. There is The Full Body Shampoo, Full Body Conditioner, Protecting Root Lift Foam, Perfect Ends Deep In fusion, Perfect Ends Sheer Mist, And Touch-up Flyaway Tamer (another toss in your purse must have item!) All fabulous products to me to play with!

As to the Precision Foam Hair Colour-the John Frieda team worked over 7 years to develop a line of home hair colour that can give salon-precise coverage and salon-quality results. “In the past, I’ve always advised at-home hair colour because it’s just been impossible to get the same even coverage that colourists can achieve at the salon, “explains Harry Josh, John Frieda International Creative Consultant. The two biggest barriers to achieving salon-caliber results at home: coverage and colour. With Precision Foam Colour, John Frieda® Hair Care addresses both these issues in a revolutionary way, putting colourist expertise in women’s hands.

The 20-shade palette collection was developed in conjunction with the John Frieda® Creative Colour Director, and sought-after U.K. colourist, Nicola Clarke, who is responsible for some of the most iconic hair colours in Hollywood. Nicola spoke about the product, and how the colors were developed, and then grabbed a box, saying something like in order to know how to talk about it, she would need to know how to use the product. She opened it, showing 3 bottles, consisting of a developer, colourant, and conditioner, a nozzle to foam, and a pair of gloves. She donned the gloves. Dumped the colourant into the developer, gently tilted the bottle 5 times, put the foam nozzle on, and squeezed the bottle getting a tennis ball sized amount of foam, and started applying it to her roots and then through her hair gently massaging. No mess, no drips, no smell. Thirty minutes later, an incredible shade of blonde that was touchable, even coverage and natural.

The proprietary foam colour technology promises unprecedented access to salon precision. In combination with virtually foolproof foam coverage, the shade range effectively addresses the other common at-home colour complaints: dull, flat, uneven, or unnatural colour. Massaging the innovative foam into hair provides even coverage effortlessly—the kind of flawless colour previously only available at the salon. Easy to apply, the non-aerosol foam formula spreads evenly through hair, saturating every strand completely—even the back of the head, roots and hairline.

“Part of what traditionally sets salon colour apart from at-home colour is the quality of the shades,” explains Clarke. “I worked with John Frieda hair care to create shades that closely reflect what I really use in the salon—there’s a full range of natural, luminous colours for blondes, brunettes, and redheads, giving women access to a caliber of colour usually found in the salon.”

  Watching Nicola in action inspired me. Went home, and the next day looked in the mirror, said “I can do this!” took a deep breath and voila! I am loving my Sheer Blonde Extra Light Beige Blonde! So easy that even I, a hair challenged woman if there ever was, could do it! And with the Sheer Blonde Lightening Spray, I am ready for spring! Thank you John Frieda!

John Frieda products are available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide. For more on John Frieda products and how to select your perfect shade, see

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