January 31, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day From Hibba Beauty

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, most of the brow masters say threading is the best way to achieve a sculpted brow.  And who better to trust with your brows than someone who learned the art of threading at the tender age of thirteen? Hibba Kapil learned threading techniques while growing up in India from her mother and grandmother. She would thread for her family and friends and soon became the go-to-girl in her small town. Soon, learning the techniques of sugaring and waxing followed and before she knew it , Hibba found her calling.

Moving to the US at age 17, she immediately found job opportunities while sharing her gift and putting herself through college.  Armed with her degree in finance and over a decade of experience in technical and industry experience, Hibba realized that her dream of a salon specializing in eco-friendly hair removal treatments could be a reality. From the moment you enter her West Broadway salon, you are transported to a calm, serene world complete with candles, meditative music and a colorful Indian décor. Her treatments include threading using only all natural cotton thread and sugaring with her own homemade recipe containing all natural ingredients and organic waxing with an all natural wax made from mushroom extracts, chamomile and resins.

Is there a need for hair removal to be eco-friendly and customer friendly? Commercial waxes contain titanium dixodies, which have been classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans. They work, but at what cost? Waxes also are removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, irritating the skin. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on everyone, and in some cases causes thicker hair growth.  Sugaring has been around for centuries, tried and proven, way before the days of chemical intervention. Effective and less painful hair removal? Sign me up to try! 

Well, trying became much easier, because Hibba is offering a great Valentine’s Day deal for all of us close to her salon at 448 West Broadway (between Prince and West Houston) here in New York.  You must purchase the deal on her website www.hibbabeauty.com . The hardest part is deciding which one of the three deals that you would like to try.

Deal 1 is a Brazilian brow lip combo, your choice of sugaring, waxing or threading for $30.

Deal 2 is a Brazilian brow lip combo, your choice of sugaring, waxing or threading , plus $60 dollars worth of any services for $60.

Deal 3 is 2 Brazilians for $45.

Limit is One per person. This special MUST be purchased via website and is available by Appointment only.
So whether if you’ve never been threaded, this is your perfect time to try! And for all of you seasoned hair removal clients, a way to try safer and easier hair removal treatments before the bikini season is upon us!

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