January 27, 2011

Fashionistas-Embrace Your Curves with Madison Plus

It is interesting to note that statistics show the average U.S. woman wears  a size 14, a size just slightly a little larger and curvier than those size 2’s that will be floating down the runways during Fashion Week! More than 60% of the population is considered “plus size” (and in the fashion world, it means a size 8!) yet the plus size women are normally ignored in the fashion world. Is it possible for plus sized gals, who love fashion to be on the brink of the latest trends? Is it possible to rock the latest runway looks and have the same options as a size 2?

The duo of Aimee Cheshire and Erica Young who have worked in the plus industry for many years as product developers, buyers and even a plus model, have taken their expertise and have brought high fashion  to the fingertips of the plus industry live on the internet. Madisonplus.com is their collaboration featuring an online mall, E-zine and style channel to the plus sized market.  The two met in college, spent years in the industry before starting up this revolutionary concept from scratch and have turned it into a major and daily destination for the plus sized fashionistas.

Madisonplus, (www.madisonplus.com) is a more than a wonderful online shop! It is the premier website for the modern plus sized woman. It covers all major clothing categories, from intimate apparel to evening and formal wear.  Jewelry and accessories to beauty and make-up.  It highlights not only what is new, but what to expect in the upcoming fashion season. The site will show you how to take a magazine cover or red carpet event and convert that look into your plus sized wardrobe.  The user can also create their own style boards with polyvore and send them to the site where the editors will chose their favorite and feature them on their blog.  Madisonplus will introduce you to their favorite models who share their thoughts and secrets with you.

Madisonplus will be attending The Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas February 18-20th, as the official media sponsor. The Curvy Revolution Convention is produced by the nation’s largest plus sized organization Full Figures.  This convention is an interactive experience designed to celebrate, inform and inspire plus sized women.  It will be a dynamic, empowering, motivational and entertaining event that celebrates real sized women!  I am looking forward to hearing Aimee and Erica’s review!  For more information on The Curvy Revolution see www.curvyrevolution.com.

 One of the things that I LOVE about Madisonplus is that to me it is more than a fashion website.  It is a feel good, embrace your body site.  I’ve personally gone from a size zero to having chest and hips…..and while I wouldn’t go back to my size zero days for anything (I look better and am much healthier at a heavier weight!), I do miss the fashion options that a size zero has to chose from.  Whenever I get down about that, my remedy is to watch a classic movie, where the women had curves and looked fabulous!  Now if only the fashion designers would remember those days! Thankfully Madisonplus does!


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