January 26, 2011

Kudos to Goldfaden!!!

I love it when a product which It’s a Glam Thing reports on receives some major beauty news play! Congratulations to Goldfaden Skin Care for being featured in New Beauty Magazine.  New Beauty reports on whether niacin will replace retinol as one of the best anti-aging treatments. Retinol is one of the most used anti-aging ingredients because of its ability to even skin tone while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  However, retinols increase sun sensitivity and can irritate skin.  Niacin does not. 

Goldfaden’s Hands On Cream was highlighted in New Beauty. The rich hand cream has both retinol and niacin and not only moisturizes and soothes hands, but it helps fade pigmentation, discoloration and age spots.  Goldfaden Skincare is the first Dermatologist developed brand dedicated to the incredible anti-oxidant rich properties of Red Tea.  In Hands On, the retinol and niacin are powerful anti –aging ingredients and the potent antioxidant Red Tea hydrates the skin. It is the secret weapon for getting your hands through the winter!

The wonderful line of Goldfaden products is expanding with some exciting new products, which will surely make the beauty mavens take notice. Be sure to check out their Sleep renewal Night Cream (fabulous!), Blueberry and Pomegranate Hydrating Serum (chock full of potent anti-oxidants!), Vitamin D Body Lotion and Face Cream (my skin looks younger!) and Alpine Rose Stem Cell Cream, made from Alpine Rose Leaf Extract, a Swiss flower that grows at extreme high altitudes, adapting to extreme conditions such as cold, UV and dryness (amazing!!).

Be sure to check out the Goldfaden Skin Care Line at www.goldfaden.com and if in New York City, swing by The Plaza Beauty for some samples!

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