January 24, 2011

Naturalist Nigel Marven named Panda Ambassador

Naturalist, Nigel Marven, is the first Westerner to be named The Chengdu Panda Ambassador. He follows the previous Panda Ambassador from China, action movie star, Jackie Chan.

This was quite an interesting interview with Nigel Marven. He told me that Chengdu Panda Base – Panda Conservation is the best in the world, making sure these beautiful pandas will never become extinct.

This past year 19 baby pandas were born at the Chengdu Panda Reserve, in comparison to 5 pandas at the San Diego Zoo, and 1 Panda at the Washington Zoo.

Find out more about Chengdu Panda Base and all of their endeavors to protect these Pandas at : www.panda.org.cn/english/

It seems that everyone adores Pandas. I wanted to know if they were friendly animals. Nigel said that they’re quite playful as cubs, but as they mature their jaws become quite strong, and as with any animal, care must be taken when you are with them. I was also surprised when Nigel told me that their hair is quite coarse. They appear to be so soft and cuddly.

I believe in the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words“! Take a moment to enjoy the antics of these pandas in action as they play and interact with Nigel in the video below. You’ll also get to see Jackie Chan with his “adopted” pandas, a rare colored baby panda, flying squirrel, and much more:

You can see Nigel’s wonderful connection with the animals, and easily understand the success of his production company, Image Impact. Nigel has done a lot of television and film work. As owner, producer and presenter for Image Impact you’ll be able to learn more about this dedicated naturalist, and the variety of work he and his devoted crew continue to create by visiting: www.nigelmarven.com

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