December 29, 2010

Games to Help Cure Cabin Fever

Table Topics Cards and Saturday Night Live The Game

 It is amazing how a few inches of snow can royally screw things up!! There is only so much TV you can watch, and heaven forbid the power goes out.  Is there anything you can do to entertain the kids, neighbors, or whoever happens to be locked in with you? Before the next blizzard hits, (or whatever weather that will keep you housebound!) and you find that you are stuck inside for a couple of days turning  your apartment into a bed and breakfast for stranded friends, check out these ideas as how to actually enjoy some of your new found free time and learn something about your guests.

Table Topics Idea Cards are a great way to pass the time, not only when snowbound, but for many events.  Cocktail parties, dinner parties, family night, date night, barbeque, picnic, travel, slumber party, teens, era trivia, road trips,  pretty much you name the occasion,  these collection of conversation starters are meant to spark fun, interesting and meaningful discussions.  Founded in 2002 by Cristy Clarke who was on her way to yet another cocktail party and dreading another evening of small talk that went nowhere, Cristy experimented on her family with on conversation starting topics. Cristy believes that every conversation we have has the potential to be great. It can inspire us to action, enrich our relationships and connect us to the people we care about the most. With table topics to inspire and create conversation, these cubes are fabulous for any event, whether hanging with the BFF’s or at a formal gathering. And with topics as to what was the funniest thing that has happened on a road trip, to your favorite 70’s theme song, to what was your first impression of your college freshman roommate, the responses would allow you to see a side of family and friends that perhaps you never knew existed.(

Stranded with a group of adults?? And let’s face it….sometimes they can be harder to entertain than the kids! So….pick “Saturday Night Live-The Game” up from Discover Bay Games (  This hilarious new party game features the best moments from Saturday Night Live packed into a mix of SNL inspired activities that will get you and your friends acting, guessing and laughing out loud.  You can customize the game and chose the cards from the SNL era you know the best.  The game, with four unique era packs (1970’s, 1980’s 1990’s and 2000’s) allows you and your friends a variety of activities. Playing across 400 cards, and featuring the best SNL  characters, hosts and musical guests from the past 35 years, would you be able to act out Roseanne Roseannadanna ,  Stuart Smalley, Mr. Robinson, or the Church Lady? Can you fake a headline from weekend update to get your team to guess a famous person? Or guess the correct product slogan for Booty Bidness or Crystal Gravy? There’s something for everyone-even if you don’t know a lot about the show!

These games will certainly keep you occupied and upbeat. Even if the power goes out and you are playing by candle light!


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