November 29, 2010

Goldfaden SkinCare

Leave it to my friends at The Plaza Beauty to introduce me to another fabulous product line! I was showing an out of town friend the boutique, and Tami Kreidler, the Retail Manager, said that she had a new product to show me.  As we walked to the product, she was telling us the story behind it.  It seems that there is a well know celebrity dermatologist who was always telling his patients to eat properly, get enough sleep, no smoking, drinking and of course all of the things we all know to do to help keep our skin in top condition.  It seems however, that his mother-in-law, a woman who even in her 90’s had beautiful, magnificent, and radiant skin was the antithesis of what he preached.  She, a women who had a less than perfect lifestyle, diet, and even smoked, had the complexion of someone decades younger……good genes perhaps?

While good genes may have certainly helped, our doctor found the answer when he raided her pantry and the cupboard of her caretaker.  He found tin, after tin, after tin of Red Tea (roobis) that her caretaker, a South African woman had been giving her for decades.  Red Tea has been grown on the mountains in Cape Town for centuries. Long respected by native South Africans, and studied by South African scientists, as a daily source of powerful nutrients, Organic Red Tea contains an extremely high concentration of Super Oxide Dimutase, (SOD) which provides an ultra-protective barrier from oxidative damage, functioning as a prime scavenger of the free radicals that contribute to the skin’s aging process. Studies have found that Red Tea has 50 times the antitoxidant power of Green Tea. 

I am very happy that the man who discovered his mother-in-law’s anti-aging secret was armed with a medical degree and 40 years of dermatologist experience!  Dr. Gary Goldfaden was able to use his expertise, background and vast clinical experience to lead to creation of these advanced formulas, combining the best of botanicals with the highest levels of potent natural nutriceutical solutions used in his medical practice, including Organic red tea, hyaluronic acid (fine line filler), acetyl hexipeptide-3 (topical neurotransmitter inhibitor for deep facial lines), and ruby crystals (used in micro-dermabrasion).  Dr. Goldfaden’s breakthrough skincare collection employs the organic antitoxidant of Red Tea in its purest form.  The result is a system of skincare for all skin types and concerns while it rejuvenates the skin and prevents the re-occurrence of skin damage.

Goldfaden Skincare ( is made only from organic and natural ingredients.  It contains no parabens, artificial colors, alcohol, mineral oil, petrochemicals, or silicone.  It is 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.  And being developed by a dermatologist, it is hypo allergenic, and has been tested for all skin types.  One sample of the daily scrub was all it took for me to believe!


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