November 25, 2010

An interview with “Dancing With The Stars” Professional Dancer ~ Chelsie Hightower

I couldn’t wait to catch up with professional dancer Chelsie Hightower, and find out about all of the exciting things she’s been up to.
I had first interviewed her in June when she was starting the LATISSE® wishes campaign, benefiting Make-A Wish, as an ambassador and team leader along with Bobbie Thomas, and Kathy Ireland. I was interested in finding out how her team was doing.

To date, Team Chelsie has 1210 members, and along with the joy of raising money for a great charity to help grant wishes for children with life threatening illnesses, she is delighted with her beautiful full lashes as a result of using LATISSE®. See how Chelsie’s lashes have grown since she started using LATISSE , by going to:
1. Click About the Campaign
2. Click Team Updates
3. Click Team Chelsie
4. Click See my Latisse® Lashes

As a professional dancer on, “Dancing With The Stars”, I had to ask Chelsie what it was like on the day of a show.

Chelsie told me that they start at 8AM with hair, makeup, and then dress rehearsals.

Everything has to be checked out before they go on the air. For instance, their beautiful costumes are worn for the” first time” at the dress rehearsal, and often adjustments have to be made so the outfits work and move well, on the dancers, when they perform their dance routines.

Once alterations have been made, hair and makeup needs to be touched up, and it starts all over again. Camera angles and placements are going on, and this continues until all the dancer’s moves work with their outfits, the hair and makeup is just right, camera shots are perfect, and everything is good to go! Chelsie also mentioned that things can get a bit chaotic

I wondered if there was a particular product, that Chelsie, as a professional dancer, really liked, and she said,”TopStick®.” I had never heard of it before, and she explained that it’s a product used as a “quick fix” for costumes. It’s a tape that keeps things in place with all of the movements that go on, and works great for both women and men.

Here is the TopStick® looks like a great product with all kinds of uses for clothing issues, and it’s been around for quite some time. Take a look for yourself. I know I’ll be getting some for my personal use and my makeup case, as well! Thanks for sharing that, Chelsie!

With such a busy career, Chelsie found the time to appear on the cover of the September 2010 issue of Fitness Magazine.

When the Dancing With The Stars season is over, Chelsie loves competing in Professional Dance Competitions, as well as teaching dance, and she is extremely thrilled about her “Dance/Activewear clothing line, the Chelsie Hightower Collection for Sugar and Bruno”. Be sure to visit and check out her designs…

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