November 12, 2010

For Those who love to Accessorize….

Spratter’s & Jayne

Imagine that you are walking down the streets of NYC.   A stranger comes up to you and admires your scarf.  You’d probably smile politely, thank her, and when she asks where you bought it, you nicely say that you made it.  You walk away. You think it’s sweet.  This scene however, keeps replaying itself….. over, and over and over again.  One woman, who you met, even offers to buy the scarf that you are wearing on the spot.  Hmmm…..maybe you need to make more of these…..obviously there is a demand in the market that you never knew about! Time to start a business and meet that demand!

This is exactly what happened here.  What had started as a hobby and resulted in creating something unique became the company Spratter’s & Jayne.  Rachael Warner had started crocheting as a hobby.  And Rachael, who grew up on a farm in North Dakota and now lives in New York City as a fashion and entertainment photographer, turned her hobby into a business.

Spratter’s and Jayne, a company named for Rachael’s boyfriend’s turtles began in 2009. And wow, has she come a long way in a year!  The demand for her scarves are so high, they aren’t easy to find.  Henri Bendel alone has scoffed up tons of them. They are no fools!  It is easy to see why. A fashion statement, a multi-use accessory, fabulous wools, great texture, and colors that will go with everything…..her scarves have become an Indy fashonistas dream! 

Rachael says “I was basically making things that I couldn’t find in the marketplace.  The response has really been nuts.”    You can check out the styles and shops at  Rachael makes her scarves in a chunky knit of Peruvian Highland wool.  The buttons are made from fallen trees by a North Carolina artisan.  The woods used are oak spaltwood and bocote.   Even the buttons are a work of art!

The merino wool collection consists of:  1) the tubular infinity scarf which is circular.  There are no ends and it can be wrapped around the neck or worn as a hood-and-scarf combination.  2) The infinity chain scarf which is similar to the tubular infinity scarf, except it is made in long chains.  It can be wrapped around the neck, worn as a hood –and-scarf combination, and as a wrap.  3) The cowl is a smaller loop and can be worn as a scarf, hood-and-scarf, or wrap.  There is also a two button cowl. 4) The kerchief bib has a one-button closure and can be worn as a scarf or a wrap.  All of these styles are available in 5 colors: Black, Charcoal, Lapis Blue, Chocolate and Muted Lavender.

Rachael has also created a studio line, which is crocheted in double bulky merino wool.  The studio line consists of two styles: 1) The infinity chain and 2) The two button cowl.  The studio line is available in the 5 colors listed above and can also be made in custom colors.

Entrepreneurial as well as philanthropic, Rachael went to Peru over the summer to teach the native women how to make the scarves.  She created a women’s cooperative in order for the women to have a fair working environment.  It will be a pleasure to see her design line grow as well as see what else she is capable of…………….you go girl!

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