October 28, 2010

Sportiqe Apparel


I have a theme this week! I need to pay homage to my sports teams! Not only do I love this time of year for the weather and fashions, but basketball season begins as well! Yep, I was the one hanging out with the boys in college watching all the games! While I may not get to watch as many games as I did then, I still try to at least listen to them!

Now, I am very happy that the NFL has started to cater to women……what about the rest of my favorite teams??  I do say this with the Celtics game on in the background mind you.  While I may love my boys from Boston, the shirts don’t exactly look the best on me.  Shaq may wear it well, but I don’t.  What is a girl to do?

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Jason Franklin of Sportiqe Apparel when he was in NYC last week.  I mentioned to Jason that I needed some fashionable sports shirts……and he proceeded to show me about 20 fabulous Celtics (or whoever your favorite team may be) shirts.  And not just any sport logo apparel, but incredibly fashionable sporting wear that has a boutique and vintage feel to it.  The Sportiqe line has something for everyone to connect with and fall in love.

Sportiqe Apparel was founded in 2006 by Jason and Matt Altman.  Their desire was to bring fashion to every fan, whether a fan of sports, your hometown, bands and events, or corporate wear.  They design and manufacture these casual fashions while establishing a new standard.  You can see that the line is a culmination of intense research of the current trends in fashion and how it is applicable to the sports, music, and licensed product industry.  They are constantly striving to not only keep up with the current trends in fashion, but to bridge the gap, push the envelope and be a trend setter in the industry.  Judging not only from some of the amazing styles, designs and fabrics (the bamboo shirt is pretty cool!) they are!

You’ve seen their creations before, as they have created apparel for some of the most followed college and professional sports teams and event.  Sportique has created official product for the NBA, NCAA, US Tennis Open, Professional Bull Riding, and ESPN.  They have launched a Hometown Classic collection, which are vintage-inspired apparel paying homage to the most famous hometown eateries (the collection launched this fall and only New York and Chicago are available as of now). They also create apparel for bands, events, corporations.  Striving to narrow the gap between basics and casual fashion, Franklin and Altman leverage licensors to create more fashion-forward products to provide fans with apparel that they will be as proud to wear as what they root for.

Styles range from zip-ups and hoodies, to long sleeves and to t-shirts…. Sportiqe has developed   a niche in the licensed apparel industry with coveted styles that have been worn on the sidelines by celebrities, athletes, musicians, industry leaders and consumers alike.  They are available in over 25 college bookstores nationwide, every NBA arenas including Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Metropark as well as online at www.SportiqeBoutiqe.com

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