October 15, 2010

Spotlight and October is Domestice Violence Awareness Month

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I get asked frequently about what is the best part of my job……and to be truthful, there are MANY things! Of course being able to see or try new items, and attend certain events is a great perk, although in all honesty, I would have to say the best thing about my job is the people that I get to meet or hear about. I find many of them to be truly inspirational, some of them I have met, some I have admired from afar, and some I am very lucky to call friends.  I would like to share some of them with you.  And if you think of anyone I should write about, feel free to drop me a note.

 Spotlight on Amy Nix

Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I would like to spotlight a jewelry designer who tackles the subject head-on.  She uses her talent not only to create beautiful works of art, but is teaching and enabling victims of domestic violence to learn a trade.  As we all know, domestic violence is a problem that can affect anyone.  It does not discriminate. It can occur in any race, religion or income bracket.  It can happen to friends, family and neighbors.  It is said that one in every four women will be physically or sexually assaulted by a partner at some point in their lifetime.  The cycle of violence can also continue for generations.  The statistics are staggering. 

While I have not yet met Amy, I became familiar with her work which is highlighted at the Plaza Beauty.   With over a decade  in the fashion industry, jewelry designer Amy Nix has created a jewelry collection like no other.   Urban meets vintage.  A mixture of layering and pairing, and with those styles being so “in” this seasons, her pieces are breath taking! Rich, colorful gemstones mingle with cameos in Swarovski crystals.  An unusual vintage find dangles from an already striking piece.  From a simple strand of beads, to a piece lavish with gold, silver and diamonds.  Jewelry that can go from the office to a formal event, and make a bold statement in both arenas.  Amy creates each piece with a fearless attitude toward design and color.  Her experience in costume design has provided her with much inspiration.  Her design philosophy is beauty from within enhanced by outward beauty.  Her pieces are indeed beautiful.

 My reason for spotlighting Amy is that in addition to her own stunning pieces, she has partnered her company with Domestic Violence Shelters, primarily Newhouse in Kansas City.  She began teaching workshops to teach Newhouse clients how to make jewelry, including her signature piece the Domestic Violence Prevention Angel Wing necklace.  Amy compensates the women for their work, and sells their pieces online as well as in select boutiques.  In addition, she donates a portion of each sale of the Domestic Violence Prevention Angel Wings to Newhouse and other shelters. 

The Domestic Violence Prevention Angel is a stunning piece; with purple Swarovski crystals set in intricate gold angel wings and suspended from a gold chain. It is statement jewelry with both style and substance.  Amy’s program not only teaches women skills, but also provides them with a much needed source of income.  Did you know that 70% of the women who enter Newhouse have reported that they have zero income without the income of their abuser?

Through this program, Amy stresses “I hope to remove the taboos and shame that are often associated with domestic abuse victims.  I hope to empower these women and build their self confidence so that they are better able escape the cycle of domestic violence”

Amy continues to teach the trade of jewelry making at Newhouse.  She hopes that the success of her program will encourage other businesses to establish similar work programs.  Here’s to you Amy for being an inspiration! www.nixandstones.com


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