October 9, 2010

Hard Candy’s Fall 2010 Promotions


It is soooo hard to look at Hard Candy’s make up and just pick one item.  The shadows, lip glosses, nail polishes, palettes, primers………..it is impossible to pick just one item! I feel like a little kid at a candy store. And while it may be addictive, the good thing is that it isn’t fattening!

 In the decade plus that they have been around, they have managed to always bring us what is trendy, hot and totally cool. They are all pretty, wear well, and come in fabulous little packages.  It is no wonder that the brand is one of the best sellers at Walmart and Sephora.  

And from now through November 2010, I won’t have to pick just one! Every Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope and Meteor-eye shades will be sold with a mini Eyeshadow Primer.  For $6 everyone will be able to experience picture perfect eyes with affordable, high quality shadows!   The Eyeshadow primer has long been recognized for its effectiveness, but until now it has only been available attached on the In the Shadows collection.  Clients have been begging Hard Candy to attach the primer to some of other favorite shadows…………it is nice to know that the Hard Candy team has heard us and delivered!

Well, the Hard Candy team has really listened as they have also decided to partake in a few other promotions. For the same time period, every Sheer Envy Face Primer will be sold with a mini Plumping Serum in light pink Girl Next Door.  Mouthing off, a favorite gloss of just about everyone will be paired with a glittering black Walk the Line liner.  Hot Smudge, a new fabulous liner will be paired with Lash Tinsel in Spellbound.

Since we know the team at Hard Candy has listened to us, we need to send them another message!  Stock up and have the merchandise flying off the shelves………….let’s turn these promotions into a mainstay!


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