September 29, 2010

Keeping that warm summer glow….

Keeping that Warm Summer Glow….

B. Bronz


Let me just say that I wish I had discovered B. Bronz last spring…..but now that I have found them, I am going to be keeping that subtle tan all year long! Now I am not one for tanning…………blonde, blue eyed and VERY fair…..I normally get described as the pale one……and there are times I make Casper the friendly Ghost look tan! My mother developed skin cancer in the 1980’s and it was then I ever gave up trying to get a tan.  I have tried self tanners, but they always end up looking streaky and (gulp) even worse, make me look orange.  Tanning booths definitely not my style, and would never use one after the World Health Report on them.  I’ve been tempted to try the airbrush tanner, but even when I’ve been at the hair and beauty shows, I’ve seen people orange and looking like “The Jersey Shore” cast.  So, I’ve told myself that I had to accept that all those cute shorts and short skirts would never work because my legs would blind someone! Well, pale no more!

Not a dark tan, and better yet, not an orangey tan, just a subtle flawless natural looking tan.  Kind of like I had spent the summer in Maui! And man, does it ever make the blue eyes pop! And who is to thank for helping me overcome letting some skin show?? Kelly Richardson of B. Bronz.  ( Of course it doesn’t hurt that Kelly was added to the list of InStyle Magazine’s 2009 “Beauty Blitz” list of tanning “Pros” .  Her products are also used by the most commanding individuals including: The San Francisco 49er Gold Rush Cheerleaders; Contestants competing for the titles of Miss California and Miss Oregon; and all of the competitors in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association and the Natural Olympia. A demanding bunch indeed, as they depend on their looks for their livelihood.

Kelly, who has worked in the tanning industry for almost a decade, created B. Bronz when she became tired of searching for products and solutions that fit all of her clients needs.  She researched and revised and has finally made her results available to the tanning world.  Most importantly, these products are used by individuals throughout the world who desire a natural looking flawless tan to enhance their daily lives.  The entire line is paraben free and uses essential oils of coconut for a fresh fragrance.  There are also body care products in the line designed to enhance and lengthen the life of the tan including exfoliating scrubs, body wash and moisturizing lotions. 

The entire process took about 2 minutes.  And I was dry in almost the same amount of time; it was done in a mobile tent with no mess.  The minimum development time is 6 hours, and the tan will last 5-7 days.  Maximum time is 12 hours and the tan should last 7-10 days.  Of course moisturizing twice daily will help prolong the tan as well.

Realizing an industry need for proper training, Kelly founded the Airbrush Tanning Training Center and began teaching classes throughout the US and Canada.  Her training classes have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and its affiliates.  She is also a feature writer in industry magazines including Les Nouvelles and Dermascope.

I would highly recommend those spas and salons that are looking at getting into the tanning world give Kelly a shout.  The equipment costs are minimal, and there is no loss of product.  Well worth checking into getting a larger client base! 

And for those of us New Yorkers, we can call on Vanessa at La Viva Glam Mobile Tan, .  Nothing beats having a tan done in the privacy of your choice!

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